Great White, the new shark movie will be released in July in video on demand

After talking to you about Huang Zhaosheng’s Huge Shark, here comes another interesting B series shark movie, this time of Australian production and entitled Great White, which means that the main predator of the project will be a ferocious and hungry white shark.

It reads in the short official synopsis:

Inspired by true events, Great White delves into our most primal fear of the depths, and transforms the deepest nightmares into the form of the ocean’s most ferocious alpha predator.“. The protagonist of the film will be Katina Bowden (Tucker and Dale vs Evil).

The film was recently purchased for US distribution by RLJE Films and Shudder, for a planned US release for the next 16 July 2021, both in selected cinemas and in video on demand, which means digital rental on specific target platforms.

The story of the film follows two sea ​​lovers and seaplane operators, Kaz Fellows and Charly Brody, who along with two passengers and a cook will have to fight for their survival in the picturesque Hell’s Reef.

Great White does not yet have an official Italian release date, although we believe that if anything it should arrive also in the national territory in video on demand no earlier than 2022.

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