"Guadalajara and Monterrey could extend their coronavirus epidemic until October": López-Gatell

(Photo: Francisco Robles / AFP)
(Photo: Francisco Robles / AFP)

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, maintains a firm position when it comes to ending the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease in Mexico, since He assured that society must prepare mentally and physically for a long epidemic.

During the daily conference of the Ministry of Health (SSa) from the National Palace, López-Gatell assured that a general prediction of the coronavirus is that it will stay forever, according to the behavior of other respiratory diseases in history.

“There are many episodes and events to identify throughout the epidemic in Mexico and the world. It is difficult to make a general prediction as to how long the Sars-CoV-2 virus will continue to circulate in the population and cause disease. A very general prediction is that it will stay forever or for many, many years. We know this because other coronaviruses are still circulating there"Said the undersecretary.

Therefore, it indicated that Mexicans must be prepared for a long epidemic, as there are cities where transmission is not yet as active, in addition to which it will collide with the influenza season.

Cities like Guadalajara and Monterrey, predicted, they could be late to more activity in the transmission of COVID-19, reason why its contagion curve could last until October, where it would collide with the start of the influenza season.

This could be dangerous and a major challenge, since “hospital occupation may now be combined with people who have severe acute respiratory infection caused by influenza and those with COVID. "

"Long means that the epidemic curves of different cities and states in the country will be presenting during June and July, some until August, perhaps some until September, especially the two largest cities after CDMX that still do not have such an active transmission: Guadalajara and Monterrey. It is possible that when they enter later and given that they are large populations, the epidemic will last and is projected practically until September and in October the flu season begins. It is not guaranteed but it is probable that with the arrival of influenza, COVID could also resurface, ”the official assured.

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(Photo: EFE / Presidency of Mexico)
(Photo: EFE / Presidency of Mexico)

On the other hand, the undersecretary assured that the reactivation of mobility in Mexico could bring about a resurgence of COVID-19 infections, so that it is essential that people carry out the health guidelines to the letter of the return to the “new normal”.

"Any population at the time that mobility increases, has the highest probability of having higher infections and this is proportional, the greater the mobility and the greater number of people on the move in public spaces, the greater the resurgence of infectionsLópez-Gatell said.

Although he assured that the total disappearance of the virus in the country or in any country in the world is not guaranteed, it is "impossible, undesirable, inconvenient, potentially very harmful, pretending that the state of immobility can be maintained for too long times"

However, the return of mobility in Mexico has a strategy behind it, in addition to careful supervision in stages and with a staggered scheme. In case of noticing an abrupt change in infections, he said mobility will again be reduced to care for the population.

Nationwide, Mexico registered a total of 65,856 patients with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19, but only 14,253 cases were considered active; that is, they presented symptoms in the last 14 days. A total of 7,179 deaths were also recorded.


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