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Over the years we have realized that it is much better to have an effective facial routine than to spend millions on makeup, it is something that Hailey Bieber has learned, so she has shared her facial routine for shiny, silky skin with 3 easy steps.

There is no doubt that Hailey Bieber is a truly beautiful woman, who has shown that it does not take excessive use of makeup to look good, as it is recognized for always opting for the most natural possible.

However, many wonder how he has such skin smooth and shiny, That is why this time we will share the routine of Justin Bieber's wife, which is really simple because there are only 3 steps to follow.

The line that the beautiful model uses is called "Poreless" and, as the name suggests, it helps diminish the appearance of pores, while renewing the skin in depth.

The also ballet dancer, has always been characterized by having radiant skin without makeup, which she uses very little, and the most impressive thing is that even on red carpets, she wears makeup at all loaded always looking natural.

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The first step to follow and undoubtedly the most important is cleaning, so Hailey uses the clay cleanser that she massages into her face and then gently rinsing it with water.

This first step, being the most important, also leaves your skin fresh and smooth.

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This cleanser removes all impurities effectively but without removing the natural oil from the skin, a key step for the skin to be in balance.


It is worth mentioning that Hailey knows perfectly well that pores cannot disappear, but she can minimize their appearance and this cleanser helps her in that task.


Exfoliating Essence

After cleaning, he follows a very relevant step, in which he takes the exfoliating essence, which in his opinion is the star product of the collection.

This scrub is applied to a cotton ball and with this he passes it lightly all over his face.

In a video demonstration of the products, Hailey mentions that although it is exfoliating it does not feel aggressive on the skin, in addition to the key ingredients in superfruit acids, as well as the nutrition provided by the maple and cane sugar.

The essence allows the products that follow in your routine to penetrate the skin better and on the other hand, the exfoliator removes dead cells and helps the skin look luminous.

Hailey describes this product as a micro skin but very gentle and she uses it twice a day although the application depends on the skin type.


Fire hydrant

A fundamental step in the facial routine is hydration, which to finish opts for the oil-free hydrant, which he commented is without a doubt one of his favorites since it does not have oils and does not give the greasy feeling that sometimes it usually is. upset.

In the application, use a little more than normal to leave your skin extremely soft and ready for makeup application.

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It is worth mentioning that many times it is no longer necessary to use highlighter, since your facial care routine does it without the need for makeup.

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