Hamilton: The Real History of the Burr-Hamilton Duel

As the challenged, Hamilton had the proper to decide on the weapons dropped at Weehawken. Eerily, they belonged to his brother-in-law John Barker Church, and had been each the similar weapons his son used and that Church used on a separate event in a duel towards Burr—the best harm then being Burr shedding a button off his coat. The weapons, produced in London, had been a gaudy affair of brass barrels and gold mountings. Their extraordinarily massive .54-caliber rounds had low accuracy—as any dueling pistol ought to—however had been extraordinarily harmful in shut quarters.

At seven o’clock in the morning, Hamilton and Burr took their positions… however earlier than firing commenced, Hamilton requested for a delay. “Cease,” he mentioned. “In sure states of the gentle, one requires glasses.” Burr patiently acquiesced. And as his apologists later famous, it gave no indication Hamilton was planning to throw away his shot when he squinted into his eyeglasses and geared toward a number of imaginary targets, together with probably Burr. The similar apologists additionally prefer to level out that Hamilton didn't inform Burr the weapons had a hair set off. However any suggestion of underhanded intentions is discounted by Pendleton recalling he requested if he ought to set the hair set off, and Hamilton responded, “Not this time.”

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After Hamilton was glad together with his imaginative and prescient, the duel commenced. As quickly as Pendleton uttered “current,” two photographs rang out, as Van Ness, Pendleton, and Hosack attested. How a lot time elapsed between these gunshots, and who fired first, is a special matter. Nonetheless, it’s agreed Hamilton fell virtually immediately after being struck, and Burr’s first response was to start out towards his former buddy. Even Pendleton conceded when he noticed Burr strolling towards the fallen, he had “an expression of remorse.” Nonetheless, Burr’s Second, Van Ness, wouldn't permit him to achieve Hamilton. Fairly the oarsmen had been approaching. In order to keep up that ever valuable deniability, Van Ness slightly absurdly to the trendy eye was blocking Burr’s imaginative and prescient (and in addition hiding him from the oarsmen) by opening an umbrella and utilizing it as a protect.

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Van Ness ushered Burr again to the water the place the victor mentioned, “I have to go and converse to him” however Van Ness refused. In the meantime as quickly as Dr. Hosack reached Hamilton, the Treasury secretary is alleged to have mentioned, “It is a mortal wound, physician” earlier than passing out. For his half, Hosack suspected Hamilton could be lifeless earlier than they reached Manhattan. That turned out to be inaccurate. Hamilton even regained consciousness on the boat and requested an oarsman to watch out together with his pistol, for he believed it to be “nonetheless undischarged,” suggesting Hamilton was unaware he fired the gun in the duel.

Upon reaching New York, Hamilton was rushed to buddy and loyalist James Baynard’s home. The bullet, because it seems, had entered two or three inches from his hip, ricocheting by his ribcage, piercing his liver, and eventually settling in to the second lumbar vertebra of his backbone. He slowly died in Baynard’s mansion over the subsequent 30 hours. At 2pm the subsequent day, he died with Eliza, their seven surviving kids, sister-in-law Angelica, and an Episcopal bishop current.

So Who Shot First?

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