Happy Birthday to Star Wars Dad!

For the whole galaxy far away, this is a very important day. George Lucas, the father of the highly varied franchise of Star Wars in fact he is 77 years old. His name has thus become a great trend on social media and all the fans have decided to send him their best wishes.

At the helm of this large army of enthusiasts there is Mark Hamill, which he interprets Luke Skywalker since the first Star Wars movie in 1977. In a tweet the actor wrote: “A big round of applause to George Lucas for no particular reason other than for having contributed in an incomparable way to pop culture, managing to remain a really nice person and for having forever branded me a little too short for a Stormtrooper.”

A account of a Luke Skywalker fan adds: “Happy birthday to the man, to the myth, to the legend. #ThankTheMaker who brought us all together. His visionary and philosophy were truly inspiring. I owe so much to him, like so many of us. Thank you George Lucas for having brought so much joy into my life. “

By now we all know that George Lucas has sold his Star Wars franchise to Disney, but the affection for him seems inexhaustible.

“Happy birthday to George Lucas! The legendary creator of Star Wars”, reads in a tweet from a account of a Darth Vader fan. “George has inspired millions of people with his stories and continues to do so today. I hope he has a great day.”

Doing a step back in George’s career, All the Right Movies ha twittato: “Happy birthday #GeorgeLucas, 77 today. He made his sci-fi debut with THX 1138 (1971), then gave us a slice of nostalgia with American Graffiti (1973). Lucas then began developing a story about an archaeological adventurer. , but put it on standby for a small space opera he had in mind “.

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