Harry and the dark theory he pointed out was not the son of Prince Charles


The theory that would ultimately fracture Harry's relationship with the royal family, or at least the one his family might have believed, if true, Diana cast doubt in 1995, Harry I might not be the son of Charles.

In the immersed world of social media, the dark theory arose that Harry might not carry blue blood from British royalty and to give even more strength to these rumors, images of the great similarity of Harry with whom he was a close friend to the remembered Diana of Wales.

James Hewitt, A former cavalry officer began circulating all over the internet with images accompanied by Harry showing the many similarities that supposedly unite them more than Prince Charles and his own son.

James Hewitt, ex-officer with whom they assure Diana had a romance of which Harry is the fruit. AP

The late Diana of Wales confirmed in 1995 that she had an adulterous relationship with Hewitt, according to the Semana newspaper, a former army captain with whom Diana would have flanked his war against royalty after Carlos confessed what was a secret to everyone. voices, their affair with Camila Parker, the eternal shadow between him and Diana.

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So speculation began to bombard when a 1957 photo of James Hewitt began to clear doubts about whether the prince harry is the result of an adventure of Lady Di or on the contrary he is a worthy son of royalty as the official version has pointed out.

Harry in Lady Di's arms, the day of his birth. AFP

As more has been known about the life of the royals in recent years, the love life of the princess was a coming and going, so this has sparked several rumors, particularly because Harry

bears no physical similarity to Charles, as is evident the physical resemblance of William, who is the lively withdrawn of Diana.

Carlos, Diana, William and Harry. AP / EFE / AFP

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Therefore, this possibility increases when viewing the photograph of Hewitt, Red-haired beard with blonde tints, blue eyes and cheerful that denote a mischievous and carefree attitude, a perfectly delineated smile that even generates a slight appearance of premature wrinkles coupled with a seductive appearance that they assure, did not characterize the Prince carlos.

Prince Charles in 1969. AP

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But in the face of these cruel suspicions that hit the royal family and Harry, the young man stopped and shared a photograph to bury these myths and speculations, an image of his grandfather, the prince Philip of Edinburgh, same that cleared all the doubts about who is really similar.

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Redhead beard with blonde tints, blue and cheerful eyes that denote a mischievous and carefree attitude, a perfectly delineated smile that causes the appearance of premature 'crow's feet' in the eyes and a seductive appearance more than evident.

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In addition, they ensure the similarity with Philip of Greece He is not only physical but also in his way of being: altruistic, very joking and a bit of a hooligan, but with a great sense of responsibility that grows over the years. "The vivid portrait of his grandfather, 40 years later," they say.

Prince Felipe at his wedding to Queen Elizabeth. AP

Later, some years later, the rider himself James Hewitt, I would destroy this version "I am not the father of Prince Enrique"James accepted the great resemblance, however the cavalry officer and Polo player denied it emphatically in an interview on Australian television.

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