Harry Potter, they launch mouth guards inspired by the movies


Due to the current pandemic that afflicts the world a fanatic from the Harry Potter movies he created mouth covers inspired by the films of the character becoming a trend immediately.

It is not uncommon that due to coronavirus let's have a way to protect ourselves a little bit by mouth covers to avoid contagions and that even when they are exhausted in stores some people choose to make their own designs with the proper material.

Maybe you did not know but the material that must be used to make a mouthpiece that really protects you or prevents a possible contagion You can add it in specialized stores and be able to make your own designs.

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It was in the app Tik tok where the product that a young woman from United States of America who shared videos of what could be said works of art.

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The interesting thing about the young woman's design is that the mask covers the famous map that appears repeatedly in the saga of Harry Potter

the moment you breathe (when you breathe out), that is why it immediately went viral as it seemed "something magical".

Stephanie Hook is the name of the fan of the books of J. K. Rowling, In one of his videos on the application he shared his invention that has become viral and famous among those called "Potter Heads".

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"I solemnly swear that my intentions are not good"

If you are a fan of the movies you will remember that those words were the password to open the "Marauder's Map" that shows everyone who is in Howarts the famous wizard school.

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Hook it became a trend quickly and managed to immediately sell their products warning that they would have more for sale, so many Internet users are waiting to purchase this magical product.

In case you're not that much of a Harry Potter fan, Stephanie has been working on designs based on other characters from movies known as Alice in Wonderland.

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