Hayek reveals they wanted to hire Cameron Díaz to be a Mexican


We know perfectly well that, today, Salma Hayek is a recognized name worldwide and in particular within the endearing world of Hollywood, however, that was not always the case.

Despite the fact that the actress had a successful career in her native Mexico, thanks to her participation in the endearing telenovela "Teresa", her first steps in the American film industry They would not have been simple and in a recent interview with major American entertainment media, he recalled that some few auditions were also extremely marked by racism.

In particular, Hayek said that the renowned production house "Columbia Pictures", the film studio behind "La Balada del Pistolero", wanted him to Cameron DiazYes, exactly, the blonde actress of the moment (at the time) will play a Mexican in the film, which eventually opened the door wide to Hollywood for Hayek.

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After all, even though Hayek was producer Robert Rodríguez's first choice for the role of Carolina, the studio behind the film forced the actress to go through an audition process where there were also other Latina actresses who aspired to stay with the role in the film production that is known as "Desperado" in the United States.

Hayek came on Rodriguez's radar after he saw a 1992 interview between the actress and Univision talk show host Paul Rodriguez, in which she expressed her desire to increase the representation of Latinos in Hollywood, the site of greatest entertainment production at that time.

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When asked by the host why she would risk her career by going to Hollywood, where it was rare for Latina actresses to be cast in high-profile roles, Hayek replied, “I'm going to change it. It is not normal." That was enough for Robert Rodríguez to offer Hayek the role of Carolina's "Desperado", owner of a Mexican bookstore.

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However, despite the fact that Carolina was a Mexican woman, Hayek charged that Columbia Pictures was willing to ignore that to secure a highly-known actress or actor name in the role.

"I remember Cameron Diaz was huge at the time and his last name was Diaz, so they said it could be Mexican," Hayek said. "She was part of the list and I had to audition again," Salma commented in the interview.

"I tell you, the studio wanted Cameron Diaz as Mexican," he remarked, still showing surprise, although, as we well know, of course, Hayek finally got the role and that fueled his now so successful career in Hollywood.

In that sense, the actress recalled that, despite this situation, the selection process for "La Balada del Pistolero" was already an improvement compared to what she had experienced when trying to audition for the adaptation of "La Casa de los Espíritus" by Isabel Allende.

In this way he let it be known: “It was better a few years before that, when they were doing“ The House of the Spirits ”, I begged for an audition. They didn't even give me an audition. I was like, 'Just listen to me read.' And this is for a Latino role. They weren't hiring Latinos for Latino roles, ”he added.

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Likewise, already entering the obvious anger that remembered that moment gave him, Hayek attacked the production company in charge of that filmography: “They weren't hiring Latinos, unless they were the maid or the pr0st1tut @. And that role was not a maid or a night worker, "making clear the total racism they had at that time about Latinos, or any race that was not like them.

Although we know that this topic is not so frequent anymore, because for a few years now, Latino, Asian or African-American actors have been included in the leading roles, and not only as doubles or with small roles like those mentioned by Salma.

But yes, there are still a few productions that have this type of character in their history.

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