He accuses Nath Campos of abusing youtuber and influencer Rix

In the last hours Nath Campos has become a trend after telling his heartbreaking story of abuse, in which he blames the famous YouTuber, Rix, because on his YouTube channel he shared what he experienced through a video.

The famous 25-year-old YouTuber, Nath Campos, became a trend on all social networks after accusing Rix of having abused her.

The content creator shared on her YouTube channel a video of just over 40 minutes entitled "My abuse story", where she accuses the famous YouTuber of having touched her without her consent after a night of drinking.

Nath described what happened that night, how her circle of friends ignored her, the guilt she felt for exposing herself in such a way, and how she had to keep working close to him because no one, not the agency they both shared, DW Management, did. nothing.

A few years ago I went out to the club with some friends. Virtually all YouTubers, people I have known for many years. I drank a lot that night, a couple of my friends offered to take me to my house because I was very drunk, I remember few things from there; I remember throwing up on the way. "

This is how the influencer mentioned that when she arrived at her apartment, Rix offered to stay with her to help her up to her room.

We arrived at my building and I remember that Rix, one of my friends who came with me that night, offered to get on me, I couldn't walk well, the other friends left ”.

When both were in Nath's room, the youtuber abused her and according to his story, Nath Campos could not move his limbs.

I remember taking off my jumper and getting into bed to sleep, the next thing I remember is Rix doing things to me while I was sleeping. I couldn't move my arms, I couldn't move my legs, I don't know if I was in shock or very drunk, ”the youtuber commented.

That was how the next day, the influencer Nath Campos He asked Rix to leave his apartment, remembering what had happened.

When I woke up in the morning it was yelling at Rix, what did he tell me what had happened, to explain the situation to me, I asked him to leave, he left and then he sent me a message saying that he was drunk too and that he didn't want me to bad vibes with him and it was a situation in which I had also participated, "he said.

After this, Nath Campos decided to tell some of his friends what had happened and the youtuber mentioned that he decided to tell his story after several years, since first he had to talk about it with his family and take therapy, since he felt guilty for what had happened.

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On the other hand, Nath Campos She mentioned that she felt lonely, as she assured that nobody cared about what she had been through.

I began to accept campaigns not to be affected monetarily, labor in which he (Rix) was, even in which there were people who knew what had happened, who were eating with him and I had to be locked in a camper. I felt very lonely and nobody cared what had happened ”.

After the publication of the video on Nath Campos' channel, with some 2.16 million subscribers on YouTube, Rix put a lock on his official Twitter account, a platform where the topic became a trend.

It is worth mentioning that the video was shared a few hours ago and so far it has more than 450 thousand reproductions and endless comments of support from his followers who have sent him messages of encouragement.

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