He confesses his interest in Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus wants to know him better

We know perfectly that the image of Harry Styles He has evolved considerably since he left the British group One Direction, and his colleague, Miley Cyrus, has not overlooked that detail.

The singer has confessed on countless occasions to being a great admirer of his sense of fashion, especially the report he did early last year for the iconic Paper magazine, in which she posed only with fishnet stockings and moccasins.

What has happened now is that Miley has implied that she would not mind getting to know him "more thoroughly" and made it clear that she has a very powerful crush with himself. Harry Styles.

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Although, in reality this is an open secret, because before divorcing the actor Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus confessed that he continues to feel attracted to men and women, and everything seems to indicate that the talented and famous Styles is on his list.

During her appearance on the radio show "Heart", the singer faced a game called "What do you prefer?" and she had no problem choosing the "Fine Line" star as the boy most compatible with her, even the host Mark Wright He joked about playing cupid for both of them, but she refused.

Everything happened this way, it turns out that Miley has made this confession in the middle of a game in which she had to choose between kissing Justin Bieber or Harry Styles, evidently this did not seem like a difficult decision at all, so she did not think about it twice before casting the last of the two talented pop performers and content creators.

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In this way he justified his immediate response, to the astonishment of the interviewer, for having answered so quickly: "I have known Justin for too long and he is like someone in my family, so I have to choose Harry."

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He continued with his speech: “Lately he has looked very good. I really like their fishnet stockings and we have common tastes, so we could share our lives and our closets, and it seems like the most logical thing to do, ”said the former Disney star in an interview with the American radio station, Heart.

Despite the fact that Justin Bieber is one of her greatest friends and colleagues, Miley admitted that for her it would be strange to pair with him, as she considers him as family, however, with Harry Styles, the singer confessed that he looks very good and yes had to kiss someone would be with the British.

Through this response, the announcer has offered to officially introduce Harry, to see if the spark between them arises, Miley has politely rejected his proposal with a splendid message, by way of a little joke: "It's that lately everyone tries play matchmaker with me ”.

Referring to the fact that, since his separation with Liam, many people have tried to introduce him to someone in order to get to know each other and maybe formalize something.

It is not the first time that it is evident that Miley and Harry Styles have a great chemistry to get along with each other, since, during the time of One Direction, both were photographed in various awards, the British even chose her as his inspiration for his costume of Halloween in 2013, in addition the personality of both is very compatible, but until now they have never struck up any friendship.

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