He does it again! Vicente Fernández becomes a piñata

The already famous Piñatería Ramírez did it again! It was placed in the eye of social networks, this with its new creation: the piñata of Don Vicente Fernández. The idea for this piñata came after Mexico's beloved idol was in an uproar due to "long hand" accusations.

The piñata in question is already a success in social networks, where Piñatería Ramírez ensures that Vicente Fernández's piñata is perfect, this because of the pose in which it was performed. The doll made by this famous business shows the singer with his gray hair and black mustache, wearing a jacket, dark pants and boots.

Although the piñata definitely reminds the interpreter of Sorry, What stole everyone's attention was how they managed to place their right hand, which became controversial thanks to the images that circulated on social networks in recent days.

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The hand of the dear Charro de Huentitán It looks big and open, in the perfect pose that your someone is positioned to be hugged by the piñata can be in a very compromising position, as you can see in the photograph that was published on the social networks of Piñatería Ramírez and in which you can see a woman in that position.

With the sense of humor that characterizes them, the business published a message in which it invited Internet users to take a picture with this new creation.

We already have the piñata of our beloved hero "chente mano largo" ... you can come to your closest # piñateriaramirez ... so that the chente can grab a chiche .. #VicenteFernandez.

Netizens quickly reacted to the images of the company and were surprised that they are always at the forefront; However, some predict they could have problems using the image of the famous singer. If so, it would not be the first time they would get into bickering.

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Recently, Piñatería Ramírez got into trouble for making a piñata about Gabriel Soto; this after too compromising images of the actor emerged. Although the piññata acquired enormous popularity in the networks, apparently the Ramírez did not have such a good time since the actor pointed out that they could have problems using their image.

We already have the piñata of our beloved hero "chente mano long" ... you can come to your closest # piñateriaramirez ... so that the chente can grab a chiche .. ✋✋ ❤ #VicenteFernandez

Posted by Piñateria Ramirez on Monday, January 25, 2021

This business has gained enormous popularity for its famous piñatas, especially those that become a trend, so very often they are not very happy with the work of the piñatería.

As for Don's stir Vicente Fernandez, This arose after some images circulated on social networks in which the famous singer placed his hand on a very personal part of a young woman, after he approached him to take a picture with his idol.

Twitter was quite harsh with the Charro de Huentitán, who was singled out as a "stalker" and a "long hand". The images date from 2017, but recently became popular thanks to their publication on Tiktok.

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Like the gentleman that he is, Vicente Fernández gave his face in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, where he pointed out that he did not have a bad intention with the young woman at all, that he does not even remember the situation and that he only made a mistake when trying to put your hand for the photo; unfortunately, it was caught at that time.

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Alejandro Fernández's father expressed an apology to the young woman and pointed out that he has the doors of his house open for when he decides to return to visit the Ranch The Three Foals, noting there is no grudge for this situation.


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