“He seriously threatened my career”

Joss Whedon returns to be in the eye of the storm, after the heavy statements of Ray Fisher towards him, too Gal Gadot decided to attack the director of Justice League revealing some background on their terrible relationship on set.

In the past the Wonder Woman performer had simply made it clear that his experience alongside Joss Whedon was certainly not one of the best of her career but, now the actress on the microphones of the Israeli radio N12 has even revealed that she was explicitly threatened by the director.

“He seriously threatened my career and said that if I did something, it would make my career hell. I didn’t lose heart and dealt with it immediately.”

Gal Gadot’s words clearly won’t surprise the audience that much who now knows more than well the thorny issue of Joss Whedon’s inappropriate behavior on the set of Justice League.

A witness who had witnessed the production of the film had in fact revealed: “Joss bragged about having problems with Gal. He told her that he’s the screenwriter and she has to shut up and say his lines, and that he could make her look incredibly stupid in the movie.”

In short, the director’s position is more critical than ever.

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