he sings the American anthem and is moved

That the passing of the baton from Donald Trump to Joe Biden was one of the most heartfelt ever by Americans and, in particular, by American artists, it has never been a mystery: from Hollywood and its surroundings the judgments on the work of the outgoing president have always been anything but soft, especially after the last , sad events.

The participation of well-known faces of the show the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden was therefore one of the most intense in recent US history, as evidenced by the thrilling performance of Lady Gaga intervened during the event to welcome the new president to the notes of the United States anthem.

A truly touching performance that of Miss Germanotta, presented on stage in decidedly more sober clothes of those she has accustomed us to during her performances, but absolutely not without the verve and grit that distinguish her: during the performance the star of Bad Romance and Born This Way did not hiding his emotion, proudly raising her left fist and accompanying each note with the movements of her right hand, before dropping a few tears of emotion once the hymn is over.

Singing performance aside, it seems that many would like to see the artist on the big screen again after the success of A Star is Born: some time ago, for example, a fan-art imagined Lady Gaga in the X-Men.

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