Héctor Bonilla prepares his farewell to this world and leaves a message for his children


The actor Héctor Bonilla he feels his hours numbered and has prepared a farewell for the day his time comes, so he left a message even for his children the day he has to leave this world.

Such decision has been taken up by the actor after for a year, he has fought against a kidney cancer, which has reduced his state of health.

On this occasion, he alarmed his followers and family after he expressed through social networks what his last will Due to the exhausting condition.

Through the publication, the actor addressed a letter from his will, in which he included his three children.

It was through an interview that the same actor from 81 yearsHe explained that the letter had been written 20 years ago.

It was during a stage important of his children, a time when his daughter was in love with "a gringo", his son Fernando was going to Spain to study cinema and his son Sergio "was flirtatious everywhere".

He actor he explained:

I realized that I had to say goodbye to the first stage of the relationship with the three of them and that is why I wrote the letter, my daughter Sofía was sad because she came to believe that I was going to lose myself at that moment and that I was delivering the letter. , same that my two big children were puzzled, she pointed to Ventaneando.

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The actor explains that what led him to write the content of the letter addressed to his sons Leonor, Sergio and Fernando "was that he is aware that at any moment, his time may come, so he does not have time to reveal his last will. "

In this case, this siege of cancer came, asking me if I'm going to die and you know, but this is what I would like to see happen if I move away and don't ask me more about it "


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Even, due to the pandemic, the actor He had more time to perfect what his last words would be and accompanied her with some music.

The message of Bonilla He mainly addresses three children but also his first two grandchildren, he notes, "the other five" were not yet born.

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Part of the content, the actor Mexican states that "he wants his assets to be divided equally."

This is dedicated to the three of them and in equal parts they will have what is their turn. I am going to take from this land the harmony and love between my three children even though they are not from the same mother

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Finally, after revealing his latest wishes He stated very decisively that he no longer wanted to talk about it again.

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Héctor Bonilla He was a very active actor during his career starring in about 20 soap operas and later left the production house of Aztec TV in the late 90s, after 20 years, he returned to the San Ángel company where he directed by the producer Juan Osorio for the novel "My husband has a family".

In 2017 he left the cameras, to devote himself entirely to the theater, however in 2019 receives the devastating diagnosis of Cancer.

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Your message today caused applause of users on the internet for their good sense and leave everything organized in case of their departure.

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