Henry Cavill could join the MCU as Captain Britain

A surprising rumor shared by a leading industry source could bring us some great news about Henry Cavill and the MCU, as they have indicated that he could join as Captain Britain, a news that has his followers extremely excited.

There is no doubt that Henry Cavill is one of the most beloved actors of the moment, all thanks to his interventions in series and films of major importance in the Hollywood industry, and his obvious appeal.

One of the actor's great contributions to the movie business has to do with superheroes, specifically The Man of Steel in the DCEU, however, that may not be his only role in the genre.

For a powerful new rumor indicates that Cavill could play the Captain britania in the Cinematic Universe of Marvel, something that would be absolutely amazing for fans of this brand.

And it is that Henry Cavill's passage through superhero cinema has been a bit bumpy, as you may recall, he debuted in The Man of Steel and shortly after we saw him in Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice and in League of the Justice; This last film did not do well either at the box office or with critics, all due to the disaster committed by Warner Bros. by granting control of the film to a different filmmaker who did what he wanted with the material and did not respect what already was had prepared.

Despite the above, many fans consider him the best Superman and are eager to see them return as Clark Kent in some future production, but apparently things are about to take a completely unexpected turn.

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According to Daniel Richtman, the popular Twitter influencer known for knowing all the information about the most commercial entertainment industry before anyone else, Marvel Studios is keen to hire Henry Cavill and make him Captain Britain.

This character born from the comics in 1976, possesses several incredible powers and little by little he joined the lore that involves the rest of Marvel characters, so having him in the MCU would be a great success on the part of the executives.

And this is how now the company would be completely determined to place a very famous actor in the role.

However, things are not clear at the moment, since Marvel Studios is in an interesting development process for the new saga and there are many variables that are presented along the way.

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Henry Cavill is a highly sought after actor, but it's also worth remembering that the actor already has a great place in the DCEU, direct competition from Marvel Studios.

It is worth mentioning that phase 4 of the MCU still has a long way to go and many characters to be introduced.

In fact the next great project of Henry Cavill It is the second season of The Witcher with his role as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix series which brought him even greater popularity worldwide.

The saga of the witcher became known in many countries not so much for the original books, but for the CD Projekt RED video games that have achieved such success on multiple platforms.

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Henry became a fan of this story thanks to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and as soon as he learned about the production of a series he immediately contacted the showrunner to get the main role and of course the Netflix executives did not know how to say no to one star of his size.

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