Her most attractive photo, Celia Lora invites you to misbehave on her page


If there is one thing we are sure of, it is that Celia Lora is willing to do much on her page exclusive content and she demonstrated it with this new photograph with which she specifically seeks to invite us to her.

This is the last publication of the daughter of Alex Lora del Tri who decided to grab one of the photos from her page, in which she promises us that if you subscribe to her you will have the most attractive content of her and one never seen before.

That's right, it is a photograph that has the caption: "Do you want more of me?", In which he places his favorite symbol, a heart with little horns, in fact Celia Lora made us spicy invitation saying the following words "I invite you to misbehave".

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This proposal made hundreds of thousands of his fans feel the need to discover the entertainment that is on his page, since there are many followers who enjoy observing it in his intrepid photographs, he would surely spend a great time seeing those unpublished photos that he promises us so much.

In fact, this is not the first time that he has made this call to us to join his most distinguished content, since for a few months he has had this website open in which only the true admirers of the young woman come to be part of this exclusive group, since it is a whole community that is gathered there.

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In the photograph we can see Celia Lora lying on her sofa, facing him and recharging her charms on the surface of the furniture, presuming that she is wearing a white bodysuit that is quite cute and liked, as her followers managed to gather I sent 135,000 likes in A few hours.

It is worth mentioning that Celia Lora is currently participating in the Barak experiment, a reality show that began last night in which 6 influencers are participating, three men and three women, who are facing a Big Brother-style experience, but this time focused on the month of October, that is, terror, since Halloween is approaching and they are betting a lot on this theme.

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At the beginning of the program we saw how the games were organized, led by a voice that decides the rules, while Celia Lora accompanied by Lizbeth Rodríguez and Dama G being the girls of the house, on the other hand La Divaza, Víctor González and Lonrot being the boys, they get some scares and continue their funny talk, keeping there more than 1000 spectators at the same time.

If you want to access this program you can do it through Boletia, since only the first night was a free live show, however, to continue watching it you need a small payment as an access code.

The participation of Celia Lora is something that has caused quite a stir among Internet users, who were already able to enjoy the young woman in Acapulco Shore by MTV, as well as El Consultorio del amor with Celia Lora and the videos that she uploads to YouTube, which They are enjoyed by all those who consider her to be a charismatic and beautiful girl.

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The young model and host has shown great talent and vocation for what she does, since since she attracted attention with her appearance on these programs, she has focused on keeping her followers with new daily content or at least as often as possible. , because he knows the importance of keeping the spoiled ones and staying in contact with them.

Something very curious that happens on his Instagram is that no one can comment on the photos this situation was revealed to us in a video on his YouTube channel, where he told us the real reason why this is closed and it is something that you do not you could imagine so we recommend you to observe it.

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