'Here are the reasons for Kong's clash and growth'

Let's be honest: the reason for their quarrel could be even the most futile, for us mere mortals just the chance to see Kong e Godzilla playing them on the big screen. Having said that, it is obvious that even a film of this kind needs a credible fuse from which to ignite the clash.

To explain the reasons that will lead Godzilla to attack Kong was therefore the producer Alex Garcia: "Ours must undertake this journey to the Hollow Earth through a new portal, but Nathan accepts as long as Kong is with them. His hope is that, with a creature they believe is from Hollow Earth in tow, they may have a better chance of surviving. So they pick up Kong from Skull Island and at some point they run into Godzilla who begins to react because he fears that someone is trying to interfere with the balance he helps to maintain"were his words.

As for Kong's size, which has visibly increased compared to the first film, Garcia instead explained: "Kong is bigger here, in Skull Island era practically a teenager. Obviously he knows a few more tricks than before, also due to the fact that he has now settled in the modern world, but he doesn't breathe fire or anything like that. It's still Kong". In the meantime, a new trailer for Godzilla vs Kong is expected to arrive, but the director has invited fans to watch Godzilla vs Kong in IMAX.

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