Hey Arnold: know the terrifying origin of the animated series

Hey Arnold! Produced by the American chain Nickelodeon, it was undoubtedly one of the most successful animated series of the 90's, but not everyone knows the dark story behind her.

It has long been known that several characters from animated series were inspired by real life people, but many of us do not know what their stories were.

So now you will know the dark past from the popular animated series "Hey Arnold!".

Hey Arnold, it's an animated series produced by Nickelodeon in the year nineteen ninety six and focuses on the life of a 9-year-old boy who lives with his grandparents in a city located in the state of Washington.

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Arnold is in the fourth year of public elementary school, where several of his friends are with whom he shares many of his adventures from day to day.

However, one of the characters that caught the attention in the series is that of Helga G Pataki, who is a strong-willed girl who quite likes to tease Arnold by calling him "Ball head"but the reality is that he hides a deep feeling for him.

The creator of the animated series, Craig Bartlett, is said to have based himself on Helga using the childhood appearance of Frida Khalo, but its deepest origin comes from Moscow, where several years ago there was a teenager named Helga with a traumatic story.

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Legend has it that there was a 14-year-old girl with misconduct and Bipolar disorder Called Helga, who was very aggressive and that is why her parents decided to take her to a psychologist to treat her problems.

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It happened like that for a while, and luckily Helga was very noticeable tranquility and progress since he started going to his consultations.

After that, her parents decided meterla to a school so that he could live with other boys his age, but of course without imagining the terrible misfortune that this would cause.

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Within days, the students moved away from her because they considered her as the girl "weird" from school. However, a boy I felt so sorry and she decided to come over to strike up a conversation and perhaps make her her new friend. But after a short time the boy realized that Helga was not a normal person, because he showed angry reactions that scared him, so he decided walk away and the problem started ...

Helga started having a strange obsession for the young man, so much so that spied Becoming her shadow, she even ran away from home at night to sneak into his and see him in his sleep.

His parents were scared to realize what was happening they decided secure the house and change it from school.

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Because of this, Helga became very sad, both to the degree of injure, that not even her own family could control her, so they interned her for a time against her will. A week later, no one imagined that Helga would manage to escape from the center, to go find the boy who was her greatest love.

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It is worth mentioning that they had a terrifying encounter where Helga kept looking at him obsessed and following him down the street while the boy returned home, it was because of this that he got scared and called his parents telling them what was going on.

It wasn't long when authorities arrived and they found Helga watching from outside the boy's window, the parents knew that they had to take drastic measures, so they put her in a psychiatric center restricted for people with very serious problems.

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But unfortunately things did not improve and Helga lasted only a week, when he hurt his hand on purpose to be taken to the hospital and from there to flee; and when this happened no one found her for days, not even the boy.

Days later, Helga's body was found lifeless inside an alley near the young man's house and when forensics analyzed his body, they found something that left him completely frozen.

Helga had marks of deep cuts with the boy's name and below a phrase that said "forever"

It is said that the psychologist who attended her, had a close acquaintance with the producers and he was the one who told them the terrible story and then the animation of "Hey Arnold" and Helga G Pataki showing the same emotional characteristics, something that was confirmed by a former worker.

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