New Delhi A high speed bus going from Tehran to Shiraz overturned at a turning point, the bus overturned, killing 9 people and injuring 17. The accident happened from there in the early hours of 4. 4.39 minutes. According to the Tasnim news agency, emergency services were called there after receiving the information about the bus overturn and first aid was given to the passengers injured by the bus overturn.

Those injured in the bus overturned were rushed to the hospital by ambulance, from where they were provided first aid. After being given first aid to two people who were slightly injured by the bus overturning, they were discharged from there. Earlier, a plane on the Iranian road had left the runway and hit the road, which had a significant impact on the traffic there.

More than one lakh twenty thousand deaths from corona worldwide, army can be deployed in Russia "src ="

More than one lakh twenty thousand deaths due to corona worldwide, army can be deployed in Russia

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Traffic on this road also stopped due to the landing of the aircraft on the residential area road. Traffic passing through this route was diverted through another route. When the plane landed on the road, someone made a video while the passengers landed from it, this video was shared on social media. After that it was seen quite often.

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The aircraft landed on the road in such a way that there was a problem in getting traffic from there, its wheels could not open. The passengers in the aircraft opened the door after the plane stopped and started leaving. The video of this also went viral on social media.

1: Vinay Tiwari

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