Hobbies and strange habits? Livia Brito described in 10 facts

One of the stars who has gained great popularity is the Cuban Livia Brito, who after settling in Mexico to forge a career in the artistic medium, has now managed to stand out on social networks as one of the most acclaimed influencers.

Although her admirers may believe they know almost everything about her, 10 things will bring you closer to the native of Havana, Cuba, Livia Brito Pestana, and reveal more information about his personality Do you dare to discover it?

Although Livia Brito is constantly shown on social networks where she shares a lot of philosophy of life, added to some of her hobbies, habits and hobbies, the histrionic has other curiosities that you probably do not know and here we reveal them to you. It could surprise you!

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Mostly known for a passage in the entertainment industry in which she starred in an abrupt hiatus after being involved in the middle of a great controversy, Livia Brito decided to reinvent herself, and focus her attention on thousands of followers that she adds in social networks. Instagram, Youtube and Tik Tok, where he is one of the favorite figures.

Today, the Cuban has more than 5 million followers on Instagram, however, she is also the favorite on the Tik Tok platform where she already has more than 6 million followers.

The native of Ávila de Cuba, who ventured into television after graduating from Televisa's CEA, participated in several productions, some of them were "Triumph of love", "I love you I love you", "Italian girl comes to marry" for which she was nominated as "Best Leading Actress" and "Abyss of Passion" who crowned her in the category of "Best Young Actress", stories that in the beginning were already consolidated in the artistic environment.

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Her last screen appearances with the character of Teresa Mendoza in "The Pilot"or that of" Regina Villaseñor Gil ", in" Doctors: Line of life ", kept Livia Brito as one of the most sought-after figures on the small screen.

Livia ventured into the conduction of programs, it was the reality show of "Dancing for a dream", in addition to some staging in the theater, "Flying low", "The perfect dictatorship", and "I don't know whether to cut my veins or leave them long "," Los Bonobos "and" El Cartero "make up his time at the theater.

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The 34-year-old interpreter was decorated and recognized by the Association of Cronistas y Periodistas Teatrales (ACPT) and ACE Awards, who gave her awards for her career.



The native of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba came to the world on July 21, 1986


First time on television

His first novel was "Triumph of love" where he gave life to "Fernanda Sandoval", in 2010, and in 2013 he obtained his first leading role in the novel "I love you I love you."


Love animals

She has declared herself fond of animals, especially dogs.


Exercise fan since she was a child

You know that she is a fan of exercise, which is seen with the naked eye and she proves it herself, however this attachment comes from a young age, she could do 1000 sit-ups in a row.


Hide your gray hair!

At 34 years old, Livia has many gray hairs since from the age of 15 they began to sprout in her abundant hair, but she hides them very well and they go unnoticed in her photographs.


Two great fears

Livia feels a deep fear of loneliness, as well as losing her parents, the latter would be confessed by herself through a YouTube video, one of the platforms where she adds more than 81 thousand subscribers


His great accomplice

She has a sister named Gianna, and when girls they played to have their own language to communicate only with each other.


A professional

Before being an actress, Livia devoted herself to studying a career in Business Administration, today on her social networks she has also announced herself as a businesswoman by promoting products to take care of personal appearance.


I work in a restaurant

His father, who is also actor Rolando Brito, opened a restaurant in Mexico City where Brito worked as a waitress.


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