Hong Kong police fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters in protests

Hong Kong called a new day of protests
Hong Kong called a new day of protests

Hongkong police fired tear gas at hundreds of people protesting this Sunday afternoon in central Hong Kong to protest against the security bill that Beijing is promoting in the semi-autonomous region, journalists from the AFP.

Protesters chanted slogans of the pro-democracy movement when riot police fired tear gas after warning them that the rally in the heart of Causeway Bay, one of Hong Kong's most commercial neighborhoods, was illegal and asking them to disperse.

At least one person was detained.

The Hong Kong pro-democracy movement on Sunday called on the population to demonstrate against Beijing's project to impose a "national security" law in the city., where many fear that it will end the unique freedoms of the former British colony.

Hong Kong protests
Hong Kong protests

The communist regime presented in parliament on Friday a text to prohibit "treason, secession, sedition and subversion" in Hong Kong, in response to massive demonstrations by the democratic opposition last year.

Pro-democracy activists have multiplied calls to gather on Sunday afternoon in some Hong Kong shopping districts, in an attempt to revive the protests that shook the semi-autonomous territory between June and December 2019.

This mobilization was reinforced with the triumph of the "pro-democracy" in the municipal elections in November, but at the beginning of the year it lost strength due to the thousands of arrests made by the police and above all due to the restrictions imposed to combat the coronavirus.

"We're back! Date on the streets on May 24 ”, was read Saturday on graffiti on a wall near Kowloon Tong Subway Station.

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Hong Kong protesters put up posters for freedom
Hong Kong protesters put up posters for freedom

More than 8,300 people have been detained since the protests began a year ago. Some 200 were on the margin of lesser-valued shares on Mother's Day in early May.

The government has not authorized any demonstrations this Sunday and the police have warned that it will intervene against any illegal rally, in the name of restrictions imposed against Covid-19, which prohibit public gatherings of more than eight people.

“The police will deploy the necessary troops tomorrow in the appropriate places, will act with determination to maintain public order and will proceed with the corresponding arrests”Security forces announced Saturday in a statement.

Due to the ban on meetings, pro-democracy groups may choose Sunday to multiply protest sites, rather than mass action.

Hong Kong enjoys wide autonomy compared to the rest of the country, led by the Chinese Communist Party (PCC), under the concept “One country, two systems” on which its return by the United Kingdom in 1997 was based.

Its inhabitants have freedom of expression and of the press and an independent judiciary, rights that do not exist in China continental.

This model should last until at least 2047, but many Hong Kong people believe that Beijing increasingly controls the territory and the central government interferes in internal affairs.


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