Hot and cold, Celia Lora made contrast in her new photograph

The beautiful Mexican model and host, Celia Lora, has become one of the favorite girls of all Latin Americans since her appearance in Acapulco Shore and now producing content at every opportunity.

This is how it is this time the young woman uploaded a photograph that made a contrast but this time in temperature, as there are two main ones: hot and cold; all thanks to its beauty and its ice palette.

Is about a photo shoot that was made very recently and of which she has been taking new photos little by little and this time she was eating a delicious ice pop, which made a great contrast, since her fans found her temperature elevated when observing her and They ended up craving a dessert like the one he showed us off.

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The photo has hundreds of thousands of likes and will surely continue to grow, since it has a lot of attention and a solid base of followers who are aware of everything that goes up.

At the moment Celia Lora is working and appearing in a very interesting program called Barak in which 6 influencers went to a supposedly haunted or haunted house where they have been carrying out various activities to entertain the public.


Among these activities are playing Ouija, a game in which the Spirits or perhaps other things are supposedly contacted, for which they have caused a lot of mystery emotion, even fear to those who decided to turn off access and watch the entire reality show because It is worth mentioning that it was free at first but later required a subscription.

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The charismatic daughter of Alex Lora, the vocalist of El Tri, has dedicated herself to showing her personality without fear and to being herself at all times enjoying everything she does while producing content, something that is quite her style, since she never ceases to be real and always focuses on having fun with it in order to transmit its fun to those who consume it.

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It could be said that Celia Lora has become a product, but by her own decision, the young woman is dedicated to keeping her fans happy with new photos and also opened her exclusive content page, where you will find personalized snapshots and much more, highlighted For being more detailed than we can see on his official Instagram, where he is already uploading some a little risque, you can already imagine what is there.

For Celia Lora the most important thing is to be able to help people and thanks to her numbers and the great attention she has been able to do so, sharing statuses in which she promotes various products and businesses, a quite noble activity that has shown that she has a big heart and not only a person of appearances.

Many people on social networks are upset when they observe the young woman as a celebrity and comment on many negative things, for this reason and others that I already explain in a YouTube video, Celia Lora has the comment box of her photos closed Since there they could come to tell you many negative and unpleasant things.

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Although he is no longer appearing in Acapulco Shore, because the season ended, he is appearing every week with a new video on MTV, El consultorio del amor con Celia Lora, where he touches on topics that are normally taboo or quite intrepid to clear doubts. and tell us about your experience.

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