How much does Mark Wahlberg make? Here are the figures of the Transformers and Lone Survivor star

Mark Wahlberg, the Boston bad boy, is currently one of Hollywood’s busiest actors. Soon we will see him in the role of Sully in Uncharted but, there are so many roles that he will cover in the coming months.

Of course, a lot of work also means a lot of money. So let’s try to find out how much the star earns Transformers e Lone Survivor, films with which he returns to TV this evening.
Mark Wahlberg has started to set aside a nice nest egg with his first record deal in the 90s, when he was known as the rapper Marky Mark of the Marky Mark & ​​the Funky Bunch group.

In general the actor earned big bucks for each of his roles. It won about 2 million for Three Kings, 8 million for Planet of the Apes – Planet of the Apes, 6 million for Rock Star, 5 million for The Departed – Good and Evil and 7.5 million for Ted . Among the highest figures we find the 10 million for Loose Dogs and 10 million for The Truth About Charlie and finally the over 17 million obtained for Transformers 4.

Its current assets are expected to be around 300 million dollars about and it seems that he has grown year after year by the over 3 million earned for the works he produces. Well given Mark Wahlberg’s incredible daily routine, this money is well earned, what do you say?

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