How tall is King Kong? The differences between all the films in the saga

Let’s go back once again to talk about the mythical King Kong, from today also in Italy protagonist of the long-awaited and successful Godzilla vs Kong by Adam Wingard, crossover del MonsterVerse released today in digital rental, and to be precise we return to the King of Primates to tell you about the evolution of his size and height.

Over almost 90 years of cinema history, the character created by Merian C. Cooper has in fact undergone constant changes in height, as indeed happened to Honda’s Godzilla, who is however a younger monster and has often remained much taller and larger than Kong.

Anyway, the table is the following:

KONG (1933) – Its height was inconstant and varied between 5.48 and 18 meters.

THE SON OF KING KONG (1933) – Always hit and miss on the same pitch, being a direct sequel.

THE TRIUMPH OF KING KONG (1962) – Grows to 45 meters to compete with Godzilla.

KING KONG – THE GIANT OF THE FOREST (1967) – Shrinks again to 20 meters.

KING KONG (1976) – Even in the 70s remake it was inconsistent between 12 and 16 meters.

KING KONG 2 (1986) – Same as the previous chapter.

KING KONG (2005) – In Jackson’s vision, Kong was a first 7.67 meters tall on all fours and 10 meters in a bipedal position.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND (2017) – The second largest Kong in history up to that point: 31.7 meters.

GODZILLA VS KONG (2021) – The tonnage of a true sovereign: the beauty of 102 meters.

For further information we leave you to our special dedicated to the cinematic history of King Kong.

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