How the Bethesda Deal Changes the Xbox Series X vs. PS5 Console War


If that proves to be true, and if that philosophy holds, then that could also mean that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be available on Game Pass at launch as well. On top of all that, Microsoft has also confirmed that it’ll begin adding Bethesda’s back catalog of classic games to the Game Pass library.

Again, we’ll have to see how the specifics play out, but it’s pretty clear that Microsoft wants to add quite a bit of Bethesda content to Game Pass. At a time when the prospect of $70 video games threatens to impact the number of new games you get to play in a year, the idea of immediately being able to access major Bethesda games through your Game Pass subscription ($9.99 a month) on day one is a big deal.


This Deal Makes The Xbox Series S More Appealing

The idea of buying an Xbox Series S was always partially based on the value of being able to access Xbox Game Pass, xCloud, and select upcoming Microsoft exclusives at a relatively low price. The console’s reduced hardware capabilities raise questions about its long-term viability as a next-gen device, but as a delivery vehicle for Microsoft’s premier digital services, it certainly seems to be capable of getting the job done.

What this Bethesda deal really does, though, is help solidify Xbox Series S’s position as an ideal second (or even third) console for many gamers. On some level, Microsoft probably realizes that the PlayStation 5’s brand recognition, army of exclusives, and international foothold mean that many gamers will probably buy one sometime in the next few years. Analysts are already predicting a sizeable PS5 victory.

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With this Bethesda deal, the idea of buying the slightly less powerful Xbox Series S simply to access Bethesda’s contributions to the Game Pass library suddenly feels a lot more appealing. The Xbox Series S may not become your “main” console, but we doubt its potential status as the “sometimes” console in your home upsets Microsoft.

The “Threat” of Bethesda Games Becoming Xbox Exclusives Looms Large

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