HP acquires US supercomputer pioneer Cray Inc

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has acquired Cray Inc, founder of most of the robust supercomputers in the globe.

Moreover, Cray Inc’s machines are intelligent of processing trillions of predictions per second which are been used by the UK’s Met Office and GCHQ.

The shares of Cray dived by 18% after declaring the $1.3bn (£1bn) dealing.

HPE chief executive Antonio Neri said:
“Solutions to some of society’s most importunate objections are engaged in huge volumes of data.”

He further added: “Only by processing and investigating this data will we be able to unhitch the solutions to critical hurdles across medicine, space, climate change, and more.”

The firm prognosticates that the market for data services and storage from fields such as artificial intelligence is compelled to rise from $28bn previous year to $35bn by 2021.

Seymour Cray, who supported found the company in the 1950s, is broadly identified as designing the first commercially triumphant supercomputer.

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