Humberto Zurita reveals recipe for his relationship with Christian Bach


Although actress Christian Bach is no longer with us, her husband, actor Humberto Zurita, keeps her memory alive and shares the secret that led them to have one of the strongest marriages in the show.

Talk about the couple formed by the deceased Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita is talking about two great figures on television and one of the most solid couples in the middle of the show.

Without a doubt, they became one of the most beloved couples and today the actor pays tribute to the memory of his beloved and mother of his two children Christian Bach who left in the middle of mysterious causes that Zurita himself has pointed out will be taken to the grave .

It was a few weeks ago, when the actor Humberto Zurita offered a very revealing interview where he pointed out that the causes of his wife's departure will always be hidden since she never wanted to talk about her condition, so both he and his children would always respect her wishes. , he reiterated.

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It was on February 19, 2019, when a large part of the world was shocked by the news of the departure of the actress of Argentine nationalized Mexican origin, Christian Bach, the star of the small screen and producer lost his life after suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest after his health was apparently diminished by a deteriorating state of health.

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So far the causes that will cause their unexpected departure are not known, however, it has been the actor who has determined the reasons for this silence, which has not stopped affecting their lives although they keep their memory very present.

It is in each interview where Zurita, when questioned about the late actress, shares some special details about the experiences he lived with the actress.

In one of the most recent talks, the soap opera actor shared great love lessons that accompanied the solid marriage together with the actress with whom he shared more than 30 years of life.

Both began their relationship with three years of dating, then 32 years of marriage where they managed to combine their life in acting with their personal life as well as the role of parents achieving such an exemplary life that today continues to be a great reference for many of loyalty, trust, love and friendship.

Although he confesses, they also had their differences, "it is not always easy", points out the also producer, however, some key ingredients can help overcome the difficulties:

Personal development

When both actors met, they already knew the goals they wanted to achieve in their respective lives and the career that both began spoke for itself. When this happens, there is no room for negative things, says the actor.

Both managed to forge a great acting career over several years that led them to shine with their own light and they also participated together in several productions.

Family junction

The couple formed by Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita Although they always devoted themselves to their careers, they also delimited the time for their family as well as the attention and preparation that they would give to their two children who today follow in their footsteps but with a different perspective. Sebastian and Emiliano Zurita.

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The couple had their differences, but they never made a circus around them, all that should be fixed was in their home always faithful to their privacy.

Couple time

It was not for nothing that Humberto and Christian were considered one of the most solid couples since in addition to achieving great careers on a personal level and sharing the upbringing of their two children who today are the pride of the actor, they always tried to combine everything with their time as a couple , enjoying each of the moments that life gave them, proof of this is the great dedication on the part of Zurita in remembering the woman of his life.

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Speak in Plural

A precept given by the same Christián Bach who would have revealed the formula of her marriage a few years ago, as revealed by Tv and Novelas.

One begins to speak in the plural and not in the singular, that is the most important thing to keep a relationship alive, the actress said in an interview which would have been carried out during the last years of her life.

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