I Am Jazz Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

I Am Jazz Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

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I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings is ready to tell fans more about her life. Since it began in 2015, the show has been about Jazz as well as her family. The TLC star now is 22 years old, and she is still figuring out how to live as just a transgender woman. Jazz has been forced to deal with a lot of discrimination and bullying because of the fact that she is transgender.

This season, she’s ready to start dating again, but it’s been hard for her. Jazz has had many ups and downs, as well as her fans ’ve witnessed her go thru the changes that have impacted her psychological health and her mass. Jazz keeps moving forward wants to share with her fans more about her life.

I Am Jazz, a show about Jazz Jennings, will soon have a new season on TLC. Since she began the program in 2015, it has demonstrated how Transgender people live in the modern world and the problems they face that are rarely talked about.

Jazz’s life was like a roller coaster ride last season. She finally got permission to start college through Harvard, which was a big deal. She also had to deal with health problems that came up because of her growing weight, like asthma and a faster heart rate.

The first time I Am Jazz aired on TV was on July 15, 2015. It started out as a show about the living of Jazz Jennings, a transgender activist who wanted to shine a light on different problems the community faces.

Since “I Am Jazz” first aired on TLC in 2015, Jazz Jennings has been completely honest about the almost every part of her life. The star has let the cameras record some of her most private moments when she and her parents moved through the downs and ups of her journey to become a woman. She has also talked about the struggles of trying to grow up in general.

Fans have watched the reality tv star grow into a beautiful young woman who is currently a proud Harvard student. She has also been very honest about her struggles with mental health. She tried to tell “Today” in Mid-2021 about the show’s important topics, “We talk about a variety of issues that I think need to be talked about as they’re not talked about it enough and numerous people struggle with them.”

The heartwarming sequence also shows how close Jazz is to her family, especially her parents Jeanette as well as Greg Jennings, that have always been there for their daughter. “They’ve held my hand, helped me, and stayed besides my side every single moment of it,” she told The court! News that very same month. “We truly are a blessed family.”

I Am Jazz Season 8 Release Date

I Am Jazz’s eighth season starts on TLC on Monday, January 24 at 10 p.m. ET.

I Am Jazz Season 8 Cast

Jazz Jennings, Jeanette Jennings, Greg Jennings, Sander Jennings, Ari Jennings, and Ava Jennings are the main characters in Season 8 of I Am Jazz. The show is about a transgender teen named Jazz Jennings and how she deals with life, relationships, and figuring out who she is. This season will keep up with Jazz’s journey as she makes the change from high school to college. The season may also follow her as she starts hormone replacement therapy and goes through a medical transition.

The 10 episodes of I Am Jazz Season 8 are: 

  1. “An Unconventional Journey“
  2. “A Difficult Choice“
  3. “A New Path“
  4. “A New Home“
  5. “Reality Check“
  6. “The Big Move“
  7. “A New Beginning“
  8. “Love, Jazz & Family“
  9. “A Homecoming“
  10. “The Future is Bright“

“A New Normal,” the season finale, is the best episode of I Am Jazz Season 8. In this incident, Jazz gets used to her new life just after gender affirmation surgery. She also faces her fear of what will happen in the future and gets to know to trust her gut. It’s an uplifting episode that helps people deal with the changes that come with life.

I Am Jazz Season 8 Trailer

I Am Jazz Season 8 Plot

Jazz talked about getting death threats in a sneak preview of the next season. People shared a clip of Jazz telling her friends, “Someone wants to murder me just because I’m transgender.” Jeanette, Jazz’s mother, takes any danger against her baby girl very seriously because Jazz is her only child. During a confessional, she said, “We’ve had death threats before.” “But this is not the same. Out there, there is someone who knows in which she lives. I’m very scared because a death threat doesn’t say when it will happen.

Before the show’s premiere, Jazz told People that he gets “death threats almost every day.” “People will write things like “Burn in hell” on my photos. Do yourself in. “You’re an abomination,'” she told the newspaper. “But when somebody sends a danger to your home and they know where you live, it’s a very scary feeling to know that someone is sort of following you around and has bad intentions.”

Jazz, who goes to Harvard University, said that she feels “safe” there. “I think they’ve got my back, and they’re ready for anything,” she said. “But it is very, very frightening. And it’s sorrowful that individuals desire to kill others simply because they are who they are.” Fans will see Jazz deal with the scary situation as well as her return to dating and struggles to her mental health.

What will Season 8’s incident of “I Am Jazz” be about? Fans can’t wait for the show to come back. Finding love! Variety says that in new episodes, Jazz Jennings will start dating, and the camera will follow woman as she goes home to Florida following her first year together Harvard. After Jennings said in Season 7 she was eager to explore her gender identity while in college, the teaser summary for Season 8 said that Jazz has already been trying to find fondness on dating apps, and yet has had little luck.

Jazz has had to deal with more than dating, though. When she goes back to school, she gets a scary death threat that makes her very worried. Greg and Jeanette Jennings have to get engaged to protect the safety of their daughter.

People think that the new show could also talk about the problems Jazz has talked about in the past. The reality tv star has been particularly open about her struggles with her mental health and her weight within a week of gaining 100 pounds. “People need to understand that yeah sure, I do indeed have issues with mental health. Jazz told “Today” that it’s nothing to do her being transgender or her transition “in the fall of 2021.

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