"I had not encouraged", Paulina Goto boasts a renewed look


The famous Paulina Goto, had to spend a long time to encourage a radical change and now that she sees the results, she says she regrets not having done it before. "I had not dared by mes," said the young promise of the performance.

Likewise, the Mexican actress, after living one of the hardest experiences when losing her father in the middle of last September, understood that there is only one life and that it should be enjoyed by encouraging herself to do different things.

The 29-year-old composer, Paulina Goto, who since her appearance had worn a look attached to the classic trends with light-colored highlights and darker hair shades, took on a new challenge.

He shared that he had long wanted to undergo a makeover, however, he always felt certain doubts about carrying it out.

After finally deciding to make her idea come true, she sought out one of the best, an expert in the world of beauty.

So to cheer up, she put herself in professional hands and chose the celebrity czar, Gabriel Samra, who was able to make the dream of the protagonist of the film "Twenty-year-old, divorced and fantastic" come true, who was fascinated with the results.

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"He felt a lot of chills"

Previous moments in which the stylist's hands will touch the famous's hair and do their "magic", Goto confessed that he felt a lot of nerves and even chills.

For 10 years (real) I wanted to paint my hair like that and I had not dared by mes. Today I decided to make my dream come true with my dear Gabriel Samra, who had 'the chills' since he started painting me [escalofríos] because he knows how important this change is for me, "wrote the protagonist of successful soap operas such as A path to destiny on Instagram.

After ten years of harboring the idea of ​​dyeing her hair in a very different way, now the movie and television star is wearing a big change with pink hair.

In these last days I have thought that life is short and that I do not want to be left with the desire to do absolutely nothing and my pink hair is a check in the bucket list, "he acknowledged.

Her new image exceeded her expectations so the beautiful Paulina Goto did not miss the opportunity to show the final result to her more than four million followers on her Instagram account.

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From the nervous girl who came to the studio of the famous beauty professional, a woman more renewed and happy about her new hair color came out.

It's not for nothing, but I believe a lot with this look, "Paulina wrote with a laugh.

Following the publication, some of the reactions were very positive, which would have confirmed that the artist had made a good decision. "The small changes make the big ones," said the singer.

And surely he would anxiously await one of the most important opinions, that of his partner, the Mexican actor Rodrigo Saval, who was surprised by the new image of his famous girlfriend.

Oh, but how beautiful, commented the graduate in Public Administration and Government, to which Paulina responded lovingly, 'Tuu bombón!'

Likewise, other colleagues in the middle expressed with affection how good she looked with her new appearance, which the actress responded in the same way, showing the great appreciation that exists between them.

And you look gorgeous, Goto replied, accompanying his message with some hearts, with the same attention that he thanked most of the comments.

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The actress Renata Notni, another of her companions in the world of entertainment, was another of the figures who was present with a message to her colleague.

How beautiful ... to which Pau thanked him profusely.

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