'I hope Tom Holland doesn't play Peter Parker for life'

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is something that risks engulfing an actor's career: he knows it well Robert Downey Jr., who for a whole decade played the role of that Iron Man who was increasingly in danger of turning into a golden prison: a situation in which even Tom Holland could come to find himself.

On the future of the present Spider-Man MCU Downey Jr. therefore wanted to express his opinion clearly: the actor warned his very young colleague not to make the mistake of thinking that his career begins and ends with the films of the Marvel universe.

"Tom won't be playing Spider-Man yet when he is 37 years old. Or at least I hope not. When you are in the MCU you experience this feeling, as if it all starts and ends there. But there is also life outside of that. I can confirm it. What I mean is that there was a Spider-Man before Tom Holland and there will be another after that too. These are the facts, Tommo. I'm sorry"were the words of Downey Jr.

Statements, those of the ex-Tony Stark of the MCU, which therefore sound like a sort of fatherly warning addressed to the boy who grew up under his protective wing. Just Tom Hollandmeanwhile, he talked about the reasons that lead fans to identify with his Spider-Man; it seems, instead, that it was the Russo brothers who insisted on having Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

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