‘I thank the great directors I have worked with’

What an extraordinary career, that of Sandra Milo: Federico Fellini’s muse has left an indelible mark in the history of Italian cinema, participating in some of the most important films in the history of the seventh art and often and willingly crossing over into the world of television. A career, therefore, now rightly awarded with the David.

In the past few hours, Sandra Milo has in fact learned that she has received the David di Donatello for Lifetime Achievement, an award that will therefore celebrate the almost 70 years of activity of the actress who made her debut on the big screen in 1955 in Lo Scapolo, by Antonio Petrangeli.

Milo therefore expressed all his joy after being reached by telephone from Ansa: “I am grateful to great registers I’ve worked with and grateful to my children who taught me patience and so I was able to wait for this award as well“were the words of the actress.

The star of 8 1/2 and Giulietta degli Spiriti then spoke about her next project entitled Oysters and American Coffee: “A theatrical video in which I play a drag queen and which proves, if it were still needed, that we are all the same“For someone who rejoices, however, there is someone who does not seem to have a good relationship with our Oscars: Gabriele Muccino has in fact decided to retire from the Academy of David di Donatello.

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