“I thought Lara Croft didn’t belong to me”

During a recent promotional interview with Collider Angelina Jolie, Hollywood superstar who became an icon with the role of Lara Croft, revealed that he was initially going to turn down the part of the famous Tomb Raider film adaptation.

I said to myself, ‘can this character really be part of me?“recalled the actress.”I actually didn’t want to do it at first. In fact, I said no. But they offered me the chance to travel the world and train with the British Army and so I had three months to find out what I could do with my body. And looking back today, I would encourage anyone to have a similar experience. Give yourself a few months, push yourself to the limit and ask yourself: ‘What am I capable of?’ You will discover, as has happened to me, that there are a lot of things that you thought you could not do and that you are capable of.

Angelina Jolie also stressed the importance of finding the right balance between stunts and visual effects, a balance that guarantees maximum authenticity on screen: “I think the more visual effects there are in the film, the more important it is for you to do your stunts, when you can of course, because I believe audiences understand the difference when a scene is real and when it isn’t.

After the success of the first film Angelina Jolie would return as Lara Croft in the seque as welll Tomb Raider: The cradle of life, but the saga has since had a reboot in 2018 with Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft: the British actress will also return in the sequel currently in production under the guidance of director Misha Green.

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