"I voted for López Obrador and I would do it again": Jorge Zepeda explained that he was misinterpreted by

  Martín Rosenzveig 162
Martín Rosenzveig 162

Journalist Jorge Zepeda Patterson spoke about the column he wrote in The country about the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and assured that, despite the applause he received from the opposition, he would vote again for AMLO if the options they offer are Ricardo Anaya of the BREAD or José Antonio Meade of the PRI.

The communicator explained that although in the text he made clear his support for positions against corruption and his crusade for the poor and social justice, his words were interpreted as a request for registration in the ranks of the enemies of the 4T. "Welcome to the side of those who fight to uproot socialism"One of his contacts told him.

In his opinion column in the newspaper The country, The communicator expressed his disappointment when López Obrador was portrayed happy and smiling with children singing a hymn flattering his person. "The social fighter that I appreciate would have had a shame attack before the gross exaltation of the cult of personality and courage at the obvious manipulation of pupils by an opportunistic teacher, "he said, highlighting the similarity of the scene with a propaganda piece worthy of Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, at his inauguration in December 2018 (Photo: Reuters)
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, at his inauguration in December 2018 (Photo: Reuters)

However, Zepeda Patterson He assured that the country would be in worse circumstances if there were no character like López Obrador, "able to politically and democratically prosecute the exasperation of so many”:

"The right does not seem to realize that the real danger for them is not AMLO but the force that led him to the National Palace. Train derailments, spontaneous lynchings against alleged violators, calls for looting are extreme exits that not only reveal impunity and the absence of the rule of law, but also anger and resentment against a system that for decades decided to concentrate benefits in the upper third of the population.

Opting for a six-year period in favor of change, which gives priority to the poor, is not only an issue of social and ethical conscience, but also of political convenience for those of us who prefer to avoid a social outbreak"He pointed out.

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The author is an economist by University of Guadalajara, Master in Social Sciences from Flacso, UNESCO, and completed his doctorate studies in political science at the Sorbonne, Paris. His training as a journalist began in The country from Madrid, Spain, from 1999 to 2001 and between 2008 and 2010 he was editor of the newspaper The universal. Since July 2011, the communicator founded and runs the digital newspaper However.

(Photo: Infobae)
(Photo: Infobae)

As part of his journalistic interests, political issues stand out, which is why he made a biographical profile of López Obrador for the book. The Sightings 2006, same that deepened and updated for the versions of 2012 and 2018. During the electoral campaigns of the current president, the communicator claims to have found "a human being with virtues and defects, stubborn and implacable with his principles and determinations, simple in his approaches, austere, worthy and honest. "

"I share the flags that the president is holding, but that does not mean that he believes it infallible or that it always coincides with the way he tries to set them in motion. Sometimes, even, it seems to me that he exhibits attitudes with which he hinders his own goals, which are the same of many who have supported him.Zepeda said.

On the other hand, the journalist stressed that if he does not change the way he is managing himself in power, Andrés Manuel will end up looking more like presidents in Mexican history like: Luis Echeverría and José López Portillo, and not Benito Juárez or Francisco I. Madero, as intended and exemplified. This issue, he noted, It depends on the Mexican president reducing poverty, public insecurity and corruption rates, which, far from having improved in a year, stagnated or worsened.

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"The real danger for Mexico, I believe, is that the project for change fails dramatically, that a pendulum impulse is not achieved to alleviate the situation of the desperate and that the social abyss itself takes the toll on all of us."He concluded.


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