"I'm gay", a member of the Hoy Program makes revelation

Gabriel Varela, a member of the cast of the Hoy Program, finally opened up to the public and revealed that he is gay. The presenter was interviewed by the famous journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, to whom he decided to reveal his preferences.

Varela, proud of who he is, responded to the communicator's question about why at 54 years of age he has not married to start a family. The presenter was direct with Gustavo Adolfo and pointed out that he does not like women and was gay.

I don't like women ... Yes, I'm gay, he replied without preamble.

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The actor, who is currently part of the Hoy Program, pointed out that at an early age he discovered that he had an attraction to gentlemen.

From a very young age I knew, added the member of the famous morning.

The theater producer confessed even more about his life, especially a very important part, how his well-known parents, Gina Romand and Salvador Varela, had taken their son's preferences. Fortunately for Gabriel Varela, he received the full support of his parents and shared that his father only asked him for one thing that made him learn too much.

I always had the great support of my family. The only thing my dad told me was: you do whatever you want from the waist down, but here I don't want a jot ... pozolero. Here do what you want. I learned, the presenter pointed out.

Varela pointed out that he decided to reveal this about his personal life because he likes to show himself as he is and does not like to walk with lies, it is an opportunity for the public of the famous Televisa program know it actually.

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I do not lie. I'm too old to tell lies. With few people you can open up in this way, but you cannot cover the sun with a finger and less with social networks today. You have relationships, you go out.

Gabriel Varela, who was part of the cast of the telenovela I'll always love you, recounted his tragic love story.

The actor confessed that he is a widower, since his last partner, younger than him, lost his life. The presenter shared that it was at the age of 33 that his partner was exercising and suddenly left. He added that he does not consider it fair that something like this should happen to such a young man with so many "thug" out there.

Currently the Hoy Program is not going through one of its best moments. The morning star of Televisa for a long time was placed as the darling of Mexicans and with quite a difference over the Come La Alegria competition from TV Azteca. However, after the departure of his beloved producer Magda Rodríguez, everything changed.

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It has been revealed that the ratings for the show hosted by Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo have plummeted without Rodríguez. After his departure, Andrea Rodríguez Doria, his sister, was in charge of the broadcast.

Currently, amid rumors that Doria could lose command of the morning, he is working alongside two great production majors at Televisa, Nino Canún and Reynaldo López, with whom he plans strategies to restore glory to the Hoy Program. Could this happen soon?

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