Image filter Úrsula Corberó, “La Casa de Papel 5” release date

A few hours ago, the famous actress who played Such in the series of Alex Pina, Úrsula Corberó published on her account Instagram the first photo characterized as his famous character, and both the fans and the general audience have exploded with excitement.

That's right, the talented woman revolutionized social networks by filtering the first image of what will be the last season of "The Money Heist", He could be seen characterized as Tokyo, his famous character with whom he has gained millions of followers around the world.

With all the expectations placed on the new delivery of the series by Alex Pina, also creator of "Sky Rojo", Corberó published from his social media The official plaque where she is dressed in the characteristic red jumpsuit, the protagonist of the most incredible fictitious robberies in all of Spanish territory.

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With a truly huge machine gun in hand, a vest full of grenades, and all manner of ammunition, Ursula Coberó posed for the camera with her best tough girl face, something totally emblematic of her character, this particular detail drove fans completely crazy.

To accompany the endearing image, the Spanish He wrote the following as a caption: "My mother is that you are going to freak out with the fifth", received a huge amount of comments, among which stood out a "Mammmma mia", by Pedro Alonso Ochoro, the actor who in fiction gave life to "Berlin".

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As if that were not enough, until now, it has managed to gather almost 3 million "likes" within the snapshot application, in addition, many official profiles, whether of Spanish actors or the same Netflix platform in Spain, have left their respective comments stating that they can no longer wait.


Recall that, in the first instance, it was expected that season 5 of "La Casa de Papel" will premiere in mid-April, however, this may not be possible since, due to the global contingency, since the year After the recordings had to be postponed, as in a large number of productions around the world.

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Although, not everything is bad news, because we know well that the cast is currently in full recording and the fiction should be released in the extensive catalog of the most famous streaming platform, for the second half of the current year, although for at the moment there is no official confirmation from the company.

The series was scheduled to end in its fifth installment, however, Mario de la Rosa, who plays "Suárez" in fiction, assures that no one has confirmed to them that this will be the last, this particular detail, made loyal fans will go crazy.

“Everyone talks to me about the end of La Casa de Papel, I don't know, I know it's the end of the robbery. That is what we have been told officially to all the actors, 'the robbery comes to an end', but I do not know if the story will continue later, "said the actor on his Instagram account.

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Let's remember that, in the fourth season, in the last episodes we could see the unfortunate incident with the death of one of the most beloved characters in history, yes, we are talking about "Nairobi".

In fact, this situation, to date, keeps many fans outraged because, as we mentioned, she was one of most people's favorites.

The end is a total intrigue, since it is not confirmed if the criminals managed to escape from the Bank of Spain to get the gold that is inside the vault.



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