In a pink swimsuit, Celia Lora models from Puerto Escondido


The famous mexican model, Celia loraAfter being locked up for so long and a short trip to San Miguel de Allende, she decided to travel to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, where she had a reunion with her fellow program members. Acapulco shore.

Taking advantage of the trip, Celia lora took several excellent photographs in various swimsuits, since it was on one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico and with the best waves so they could not miss the best poses of the mexican.

In this new photograph, we can see Celia Lora sitting on the edge of a beautiful pool, which is rectangular and quite elongated, since its great length can be seen from the angle of the photo, so it must be very comfortable for swimming long distances.

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But what fans of photography liked the most was not the pool but the beautiful model which is considered one of the most beautiful in her native country Mexico, where she has achieved her great fame thanks to her appearance in this famous program. of MTV in which he always wins the attention of the public for his daring decisions, as it was on one occasion to take off his clothes completely to take a bath in the pool of the Acapulco Shore house, with all the participants watching.

It is not surprising that Celia enjoyed the attention so much, since she has spent several years dedicating herself to uploading daring content on her Instagram, both from her travels and from her person, always seeking to delight all those who consider themselves fans of Alex Lora's beautiful daughter del Tri.

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This new photograph managed to exceed more than 50,000 likes in a matter of hours, for which we can see the appreciation of her followers who would like to be able to comment, however, the young woman still has the comment box closed since she prefers to prevent users from arriving to disrespect him, since on occasions in the past it happened frequently and did not cause him a bit of pleasure.

Despite this we know that Celia does not mind being observed since she even enjoys it a lot and has shown it on too many occasions, for example since the quarantine began, she dedicated herself to photographing herself in various very uncovered outfits inside her home inviting a professional photographer to perform these long sessions in which he sought to portray himself within the best corners of his home in Mexico City.

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If this were not enough for his fans, he has also appeared in adult videos, such as on one occasion in which he was encouraged to participate with Apolonia Lapiedra in a video, which caused quite a controversy, since the young women appeared without clothes and giving each other shocking caresses the internet and social networks with their encounter.

In fact, Celia Lora told about it recently on the Yordi Rosado program, where she was as a guest talking about how this situation happened, something that by the way caused a lot of interest to the driver and generated that the subject will be taken up on the networks.

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Finally, it is important to say that Celia is appearing both in Acapulco Shore and in the love office with Celia Lora, her own program in which she is dedicated to answering questions from her followers and even giving them advice, all based on her experience and everything related to Love stuff or adult content.

Celia Lora wishes you enjoyed your new photography and of course I will continue to upload more because she always seeks to have better content and continue to improve herself to grow her numbers which she uses to help people receiving products from their companies and promoting them through their stories from her official Instagram, a quite noble gesture from this beautiful Mexican that has exceeded the expectations of many.

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