In charge of uploading the rare videos of Channel 5, he counts because he did it

A short time ago, internet users were on their heads because a series of disturbing videos appeared, posting on Channel 5 networks around 3 in the morning.

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These clips not only created dozens of urban myths that quickly went viral, but caused many Internet users to proceed to investigate the case. So now more speculation began, stating that whoever was in charge of these social networks had been fired, causing him to start publishing this type of content.

However, other users comment that he was fired because he decided to share this content on the channel's networks, an action that caused the great scandal, they claim that he did this without having the consent of his superiors.

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And it is that after several weeks had passed and with the subject almost forgotten, recently a new publication revived the conversation about these disturbing videos. Not precisely because Canal 5 has republished this content, but because the former Community Manager of said television channel has come out to clarify the doubts about this controversial issue and how this has resulted in his being unemployed.

It was through a text published by Víctor Lara Espinosa, who finally made the decision to disprove some of the many myths that were generated through these publications. Lara affirms that there are many people who invent things for fun, and not only that, but in turn someone is standing for him to obtain some benefit.

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"I see myself in the need to drop the soup to avoid that more people can be cheated and, if there is any benefit from this situation, that benefit will not reach the impostor," says Victor at the beginning of his text.

He also commented that he has always found the subject of the censored chapters out of the air interesting, the same ones that leave us with the unknown of not knowing that what we saw is real or just an invention of someone's imagination.

"I was looking to replicate the feeling of observing live an error, a glitch or something you shouldn't see through social networks," said the former manager, detailing that with his move he also sought to honor the old Channel promotions made by Alejandro González Iñárritu. .

He also comments that in his work they asked him to get video reproductions, interaction and reach on social networks. So he started uploading viral horror videos randomly and sporadically to give the impression that the page had been hacked.

Víctor Lara details that the first video in this category was uploaded on June 15, 2019 and with the consent of his superiors, who agreed with the idea, he continued posting video clips until April 1, 2020, after which he was fired. despite having positioned itself as a global trend.

These videos were posted twice a week and although many were posted at 3 in the morning, the hours varied between 1:00 and before 4:45 in the morning. Some were scheduled, others were posted in real time and it was done at these times because Victor knew that seeing something terrifying in the early morning does not have the same effect as at 9 in the morning.

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Well, now that the mystery is solved we hope you can sleep peacefully with the light off. For his part, we also hope that Victor can get a job soon so that he can continue giving us content from it.

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