In lace, Celia Lora becomes the perfect muse


The perfect muse! Celia Lora proved that she is the inspiration of anyone with a tremendous photograph on Instagram.

La Boss de Acapulco Shore She posed in a flirty pink lace outfit that made her look really stunning and really wowed the followers of her official Instagram.

Celia Lora put on only the little lace outfit and posed facing the camera with a truly captivating look and her hair falling.

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This photograph of Alex Lora's daughter dates from last May; yet it looks so spectacular that it deserves to be remembered over and over again.

Celia Lora has proven to be a unique and original woman; in addition to not being afraid of what others think or say, she always does what she wants and feels.

The Acapulco Shore star is seen quite often showing off her curves on social networks, with little or a lot of clothes, it doesn't matter, because she always looks beautiful.

Celia has shared on her YouTube channel that I just created during this pandemic, that she has received many risque proposals on social networks and there are those who ask her for more exposed content about herself; However, the actress has pointed out that these people waste their time, since they usually do not respond to them and also, that type of content already exists on their exclusive content page, where they assure, there if they talk with their followers.

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But Celia lora He has gone further in his closeness with his followers, which is why he decided, apart from the creation of his YouTube channel, to venture into his Love Clinic.

In this program that she shares every Thursday with MTVLA on the channel's Facebook page, La Boss is closer than ever to her followers and advises them on various topics of love and couples.


The Instagram star has made strong personal confessions on the show, including having made it on a plane and having exchanged partners in a hotel.

Celia lora She is the perfect woman for this type of program since she is quite uninhibited and is not afraid to speak honestly about any subject, even personal ones.

On several occasions, she has taken advantage of this space to make it more than clear that she does not want any type of romantic relationship and that she believes that it is best for everyone to be single, since jealousy and infidelity are the order of the day.

In the chapter in which she spoke about jealousy, Celia ended up talking about her last romantic relationship, which apparently did not leave a good taste in her mouth. La Boss He confessed that his partner was too jealous and that he even saw things in his imagination that were not and even invented that he had gone to the bathroom with a woman to be unfaithful on a night out.

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Something that greatly annoyed the beautiful playmate was that one night when he was somewhat ill, she decided to get up in the middle of the night to make him some tea and when he returned to bed, he claimed that he had left the house to meet with a lover.

These situations really hurt Alex Lora's daughter, who has decided to close the doors to traditional love and assures that the best is what her friend Chile says about Acapulco Shore, "polyamory", without compromises, or major complications.

So far the beautiful Celia Lora boasts of being single, will it be that at some point this beautiful damsel falls into the clutches of love?

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