In tears! Laura Zapata begs for help for her grandmother

Between despair and tears! The actress Laura Zapata continues to denounce the mistreatment she has suffered in the asylum where her grandmother was cared for, and after revealing that Doña Eva Mange She was in very poor health for this reason, now she resorted to all means to get him an oxygen concentrator.

Good Morning. I require an oxygen concentrator because the one that my Granny has requires to be calibrated !!! And the owner of the Asylum tells me that they "have neither for rent, nor for sale, because it is not a hospital or a store," the actress wrote on social networks.

Following your alert message, Laura Zapata He also gave an interview for the program Venga la Alegría where he confessed that he had not had the opportunity to leave the room of the asylum where the grandmother of Thalia because he didn't want to leave her alone at any time.

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Later, and on the verge of tears, Laura confessed: “Yes, yes, as you can see it is a hell, a hell, instead of finding me people who recognize their mistake, they threaten me, about the device that I asked for ... but no, 'they did not have nothing'. And then making history, I remember that when we took them out for the first time, the doctor uncapped the concentrator and broke the lid ”.

Together, the well-known television villain said that after her public complaint about the poor care her grandmother received, they have made her feel uncomfortable in that asylum.

Somehow they want us to leave here, but I can't go because I'm not going to get my grandmother out of here and get her infected with Covid, "he said.

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Finally, Laura Zapata did not miss the opportunity to remember that she has already started a legal process for all these wrongdoings. according to reports revealed by Agencia México.

There is already an open folder for this, against the nurse and whoever is responsible, but it seems that there is a lot of irresponsibility here ”.

About the bad times that the family of stars Thalía and Laura Zapata are going through, it was the singer herself who confirmed to her followers the delicate state that her grandmother is currently going through.

Through a video, the wife of Tommy Mottola He detailed the delicate health conditions in which he finds himself, his grandmother, Doña Eva Mange, is undoubtedly going through very difficult times.

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Through her social networks Thalía spoke about this situation, and shared the details about what has aggravated her condition, unfortunately she has nine skin ulcers known as bedsores, which were presented to her due to the poor care she received in the asylum where he lived, he reported.

This is how the Mexican singer announced that, for now, she and her family are going through moments of darkness.

It is worth mentioning that this has supported the versions of the histrionic Laura Zapata about the mistreatment that Eva Mange has been given in said institution.

Initially, he did not give more details of what happened, it was later when he made everyone share in the nightmare that Mrs. Eva Mange Márquez lived through.

The sun is setting right now and I decided to make this video, you know that I am an open book to thank you for so much love, so much light, for so many prayers and beautiful things that have made us reach my family, my sister Laura, to myself, but especially to my grandmother who is in poor health at the moment, "he began by saying.

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"He turned 103 years old"

It is worth mentioning that Doña Eva Mange, mother of the deceased Mrs. Yolanda Miranda Mange, mother of Thalía, Laura Zapata and other sisters, is very old, since last Monday, January 18, the veteran turned 103 years old.


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