In the same bed! Consuelo Duval gives Adrián Uribe a gift

The famous actress Consuelo Duval took the opportunity yesterday to congratulate the Mexican actor and comedian Adrián Uribe in a very special way on his 47th birthday.

Consuelo Duval and Adrián Uribe have a friendship like few there are, because after more than 20 years of friendship, the bond they have now is strong, despite the fights and upsets.

Even on several occasions it has been questioned if there was ever something between them or if the feelings grew, so in an interview, Comfort revealed that for her there is a great love for him.

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I am going to be a woman who is going to live madly in love with Adrián until the last day of my life ”, said the star of" La Familia P.Luche ".

However, he clarified that the love he feels for the interpreter of 'El Vítor' goes beyond a romance, since in addition to not being his type and not seeing him with desire, he would never spoil a relationship like the one they have built throughout these two decades.

I will never go beyond this filial love. I do not see it with curiosity, or with desire, or anything like that. My love is pure, it is huge and I would not spoil it by getting into a relationship because he is not my type, but I will always be in love with him ”, shared the interpreter of‘ Nacaranda ’.

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On this occasion, it was a video that attracted the attention of millions of people, because yesterday, Duval shared a short video where he goes out in the same bed as Adrian Uribe, but it is nothing to be alarmed, it was part of a comedy program in which both participated.

Let's see! Let's see! Who is just going to have a birthday? And he is pregnant and is he my adored love ??? ", Consuelo Duval wrote in the publication.

As expected, this publication caused great emotions among its followers and they quickly ran to the application to give it love, for which so far it has more than 300 thousand reproductions and hundreds of user comments.

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Hahahaha, I love them "," Hahaha they are great "," My favorite shipeo "," Hahahaha the other Ludovico. !! "," I love it ", were some of the comments.

It is worth mentioning that a few months ago, they had a distance between them and Adrian Uribe revealed the reason why he had gotten into a fight with Consuelo Duval.

I never fought with her, suddenly we stopped seeing each other for work, but I never got angry, she was the one who got angry with me, rather, "he began.

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The reason was that Consuelo on one occasion went to ask Televisa for a raise and said 'I want them to pay me the same as they pay Adrián,' but they did not want to give it to her, ”he said.

He later revealed that Duval He apologized to him after making that moment public, the comedian acknowledged that women are paid less than men.

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On the other hand, the Televisa actor pointed out that Comfort She is an admirable woman since she recognizes her mistakes when she's wrong and accepts them, likewise, she confessed that she was surprised when the actress decided to resign from the Ajusco television station.

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Maria del Consuelo Dussauge Calzada had his first appearance on television in 1986 when he participated in the program "XE-TU", later he made his debut in soap operas such as "I buy that woman", "The poor relatives", "I still love you", among others.

While, Adrián García Uribe It started on the small screen with the program Un Nuevo Día, hosted by César Costa and Rebecca de Alba, and also appeared on the programs "Los Comediantes", "Hoy", "Picardia mexicana", "La Botana".

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