in true Marvel style, Andrew Garfield denies everything about No Way Home

During a recent promotional interview the actor Andrew Garfield, protagonist of the saga of The Amazing Spider-Man, has respected a long tradition Marvel Studios categorically denying any involvement for Spider-Man: No Way Home, new movie MCU arriving in December 2021.

Months ago, rumors about the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have invaded the web and only recently have they found new life when Alfred Molina confirmed that he is playing the same Doctor Octopus from the Sam Raimi trilogy. Garfield’s stunt double, William Spencer, has also helped inflame spirits over the past few weeks by posting photos with Greg Townley, Tom Holland’s stunt double.

But now Garfield, in the interview granted to Josh Horowitz that you find at the bottom of the article, denies the rumors about his account and the account of the return of his Amazing Spider-Man. Obviously, as you should be well aware by now if you follow us frequently, it has already happened that an actor has denied his involvement in a project, and indeed when it comes to Marvel Studios, it has almost become commonplace: the most recent case involved Tatiana Maslany, announced as She-Hulk by the Hollywood press but forced to deny everything until Kevin Feige confirmed, and in the past the same had happened with Jeremy Renner, Evangeline Lilly, Benedict Cumberbatch, Brie Larson and Paul Rudd, all Marvel ‘deniers’.

Of course at this point it is impossible to determine which side the truth hangs on, whether from that of Andrew Garfield or from that of the many online scoopers, who from Hollywood are sure of the involvement of former Spider-Man actors (as well as Charlie Cox, who will return, or should return, like Matt Murdock).

As usual, we invite you to stay tuned for all the upcoming news: Spider-Man: No Way Home has a release date set for December 2021, so sooner or later the Pandora’s box will have to be uncovered.

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