In white lace, Celia Lora reveals her rear


The beautiful mexican model, Celia lora, continues to pamper us with his best photographs this time in a white lace that ended up delighting all the Internet users who observed it.

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The beautiful young woman continues to enjoy the honeys of success, because thanks to her appearance in Acapulco Shore she has earned an incredible position in the world of entertainment, being considered the "boss", as her colleagues call her.

Thanks to her great beauty and charisma, Celia has positioned herself as one of the most beautiful women in Mexico and one of the favorites of the viewers, also getting her own program "the love clinic with Celia Lora".

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Wearing her rear in a fantastic way because she appears reclining in a very nice room, also showing off her legs and her beautiful face, making tens of thousands of them come to like her.

It should be remembered that Alex Lora's daughter has been doing everything to generate content since the virus that swept the world began, which kept her locked up in her house for several months.

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This is how the young woman, although she was locked up for a long time, took advantage of the time by taking photos in the corners of her home, always looking for the best angles, the best light and the best poses, something that she really achieved, because that long session was one of the favorites of his fans.

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She is traveling to visit San Miguel de Allende where she showed us how she enjoys her hotel and various places, since the young woman always seeks to help others by sharing business profiles in her stories, being very well treated by them, They do an excellent team work, she enjoys the products while the businesses enjoy the great attention that the model has.

At the moment Lora confesses that it is what she wants most is to be in the pool, since she has been missing this activity a lot, which is one of her favorites, enjoying the water either in the day or at night.

Seeing their stories we had the opportunity to learn a little about wines, since she is an expert and accompanied by a sommelier they began to talk about everything they knew about Mexican and foreign wines, giving a great piece of culture to those who follow her. .

Something that she also wishes to be happy with is that the virus ends, the vaccine appears and that we are all much better, because she has confessed that the most important thing she has been able to do in these times is to help others, since she is not It matters to have many numbers, but what you do with them and she always seeks the welfare of her peers.

Celia was used to traveling almost all year round, so this 2020 has not been what I expected, however, it seems that everything is returning to normal and is enjoying the fruits that she has managed to achieve with so much hard work and effort. .

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She sets a good example and does it responsibly, because even if she travels, she is always taking care of herself and protecting her family, who are the most dear to her and whom she has been caring for all this time since the pandemic began.

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