In yarn, Alexa Dellanos wears her navy blue swimsuit to the fullest


The beautiful daughter of Myrka Dellanos, Alexa Dellanos She has become an icon of beauty on social networks, always wearing her swimsuits or any type of clothing she uses in the best way.

This time it is a blue swimsuit Marine with which she ended up looking super beautiful and delighting her millions of fans.

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This is a photograph in which the young woman is posing with a bikini so small that it seems to be made of thread and with which she could not cover her great attributes, because the small garment almost gets lost in her skin because it is so small.

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The followers of the young woman were impressed with such a statuesque beauty, however, some other users consider what is quite false because no one could see themselves in this way naturally, they assure.


However, the fans are there to defend her and comment that she is beautiful just the way you are And that it does not matter the changes that have been made or the way she wants to see you because her body is her life and you have all the freedom to make whatever you like.

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The young woman has always been the target of criticism, however, she already seems to be quite happy and to be enjoying her return to the beaches and pools, something that she was wanting for several months when she was locked in her home, boring and longing for this precious moment.

One of Alexa's favorite places is the sea and she has commented on it on several occasions, because for her it means paradise and she is quite excited to be able to enjoy it and of course always taking care of herself, because the girl knows the magnitude of the matter that is happening in the world.

Another place, where the young woman shares a little more about her personal life, are the stories on her Instagram, because there she places some situations that not many manage to see thanks to the fact that they are deleted every 24 hours, however, those who know her most they know that their best content could be found there.

Alexa shared a short video in which she appears with one of her best friends, whom she had already wanted to see for a few months and her joy is quite noticeable being together and wearing a very low-cut dress, which made them look super attractive.

The young woman dedicates all her money, time and effort to her image, because for her it is the most important thing, which is why she is quite criticized by some other Internet users, who consider that this is not the most important thing in life, so Alexa has sometimes answered that she also reads and raises her intellect whenever she can.

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We could also observe her driving a sports car, bathing in the pool, even playing wrestling in it, on the shoulders of her boyfriend, who is the envy of hundreds of thousands of users.

Alexa Dellanos had also shown her concern and care about the current coronavirus pandemic; However, the measures have already been relaxed and he often shares images of his outings on social networks.

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