Inception, when Elliot Page suffered a panic attack from enormous gender pressure

Elliot Page recently joined Oprah Winfrey for his first face to face TV interview since he declared transgender in December 2020. It was a very emotional interview and there were several revelations from Page about how the Hollywood gender pressur negatively impacted his mental health.

One such revelation referred to Inception’s grueling press tour in 2009, when during the world premiere of the film by Christopher Nolan suffered from a sudden panic attack collapsing to the ground during the after party.

The actor said: “There was so much press and there were so many previews to do around the world and I wore dresses and heels almost every day for this type of event “. The panic attack hit him in Paris after his manager offered him three suits to wear for a screening: “I lost control, like in a cinematic moment. That same night, after the premiere, I collapsed at the after party. It’s something that has happened to me often throughout my life. But ultimately even when I was a kid and they told me ‘the way you sit is not like a lady’ or ‘you walk like a boy’, ‘the music you listen to is not good’ traumatized me. Every single thing you do is cataloged in a purely binary system and eventually leads you to accuse psychological problems“.

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