Colombo, Pratr. More than 2000 Indians are among the 16,900 foreign nationals stranded in Sri Lanka due to government-imposed lockdowns after the corona virus spread. This information has been given in the government data released on Friday.

According to data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism and Development Authority, 2,439 Indians are the highest among stranded tourists in the country. After this, 2,167 citizens of China are stranded. A day earlier, Sri Lanka said that it would allow any country to land chartered aircraft and carry its citizens. All of them came on vacation or work and got caught due to corona virus epidemic.


Sri Lanka last week halted the arrival of aircraft to its international airports. Corona is advised to avoid traveling abroad in view of the danger. A limited number of outgoing aircraft are still operating.

Coronavirus: 145 new cases of COVID-19 infection recorded in Mexico "src ="

Coronavirus: 145 new cases of COVID-19 infection registered in Mexico

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So far 104 cases of Kovid-19 have been confirmed in Sri Lanka while another 200 are under surveillance. The first case of Kovid-19 in Sri Lanka came from a female tourist from China. She left home after recovering earlier this month.

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