Interesting New Jobs That Have Appeared Thanks to Technology

Interesting New Jobs That Have Appeared Thanks to Technology

The worldwide jobs market never stands still, as the rise of some industries and the decline of others means that there is a constant sense of evolution. The speed of change has increased in recent years as new types of technology have opened up interesting new possibilities in different areas, such as the following.

Social Media Influencers Make Up a Huge Market

The concept of a social media influencer has changed how we think about celebrities and how much access we should have to their lives. It is worth remembering that the first social media site, called SixDegrees, was launched in 1997 but that it took a few years after that for the idea of social media to go mainstream. Yet, the idea of influencer marketing goes back further than that, with Wedgwood’s tea set for King George III’s wife arguably one of the first collaborations of this type.

Among the earliest internet influencers were the so-called mummy bloggers, who would review products and receive payment for a favourable write-up. In 2006, the PayPerPost site introduced the first platform where bloggers could receive rewards in exchange for content aimed at showing the positives of different brands. These days, it is a massive market, with the biggest-earning influencers like Dwayne Johnson and Kylie Jenner charging about $1 million per Instagram post.

The 2020 Influencer Marketing Outlook report revealed that Instagram is now used by 82% of companies for this type of marketing, with YouTube lagging behind at 41% and Facebook with just 5%. A separate study, this time from Linqia, showed the 17% of companies planned to spend more than $1 million on influencer marketing in 2019, with expectations that this figure will have increased considerably since then.

Live Streaming Jobs Could Be the Next Big Thing

One area where live streaming can make a huge impact is in eCommerce. China is currently the market leader, thanks to the massive success of Taobao, and it has been reported that live eCommerce recruitment has doubled in the last year, with 560 million people viewing live streams in 2020 and influencers typically appearing on their own shows every evening. Amazon is the world’s most powerful brand and it has also started live eCommerce shows using celebrities and influencers.

A booming live eCommerce jobs market in the future should involve presenters as well as the chat operators who interact with viewers unless chatbot technology progresses and can be used instead. A lot of growth has also happened in online casino streaming. In the Betway live casino, we can see a selection of games where the croupier carries out their usual duties leading a table game on the player’s screen. Versions of classic games include Live Speed Baccarat and Live Instant Roulette. As well as these titles, alternatives with live dealers include Deal or No Deal Live and Football Studio.

For the moment, live streaming is perhaps most closely associated with sports and gaming, with the sports-focused fuboTV service tripling its price since the initial stock offering and tying in nicely with the technological advances seen in sports like cricket. But there is scope for it in many other areas of the business world. Numerous companies are looking for broadcast associates and production assistants to run their streams where they present new products, carry out interviews and provide useful information. This ranges from streaming on social media with Facebook Live or YouTube Live to platforms like Vimeo and DaCast.

Lots of Blockchain Analysts and Engineers Are Needed

The incredible success of the blockchain in disrupting a variety of industries means that it has opened up some new job opportunities. From Bitcoin miners using the latest rigs to developers and engineers, this has created an entirely new industry with roles that simply didn’t exist in the past. We can divide the people who work on the blockchain into technical and non-technical roles, with the latter covering the likes of lawyers, marketing, and public relations staff.

A look at the current blockchain analyst jobs brings back a wide salary range of $68,000 over $180,000. This is partly due to the many different roles that are covered by this description, running from intelligence analysis through to senior data engineer. A look at this list of remote blockchain jobs with salaries greater than $100,00 that was published by CNBC shows the breadth of different roles that need to be filled just now.

These are just a few examples of how the latest technology has changed the jobs market, and we can expect bigger changes to come as more new technology is launched and staff are needed to make it work. Where will be in ten years? It’s challenging to say, but there’s no reason to suggest this momentum will slow.

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