Invisible City Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The second season of Invisible City is here! The second season of The Invisible City premiered on March 22, and I know that much of the scientific community is eagerly anticipating its arrival. Heavy curiosity surrounded the program, and fans were eager to discover more about it, as soon as the second season premiered on TV.

It’s no secret that Detective Eric, who seems only half-hearted about his work on the case, faces some formidable obstacles in Season 1 of the show. As the season progressed, Eric had more difficulty after discovering the body of a pink dolphin. He learns later that the pink dolphin and her husband have deep ties to each other.

Invisible City Season 3

The series has been well received by viewers and reviewers alike, who have praised its engaging narrative and promising future. Now that Season 2 is over, viewers are eager to learn more about what lies next for the program. This post will be useful to you if you are waiting for the release of the third season. Keep reading to learn more regarding the Brazilian show.

Invisible City Season 3 Renewal Status

There is no word yet on whether or not Invisible City will return for a third season. That may change if the program is successful on Netflix, given the subject matter. However, this is called into doubt by the lackluster release of the second season’s first five chapters.

Before deciding whether or not to renew a program, Netflix considers a number of factors, including the show’s initial viewership and its subsequent decline in viewership. As the recent stunning cancellation of 1899 has shown, the completion rate is one of the most crucial indicators. One may argue that the show’s brevity is intentional in order to attract a larger audience.

However, Netflix may take many months to make a cancellation decision on a given series. Both reviewers and viewers have had their say on the first two seasons of Invisible City, with the latter generally being seen as a significant drop down from the former.

Invisible City Season 3 Release Date

On March 2, 2021, a few days following the release of the first season on February 5, 2021, Netflix officially greenlit Invisible City for a second season. If only all TV shows could learn from this one! The renewal was announced about nine months ago, thus production probably started long ago.

Netflix has ordered a third season of “Invisible City.” After premiering on Netflix on February 5, 2021, Season 2 was renewed on March 2, 2021, and it premiered on March 22, 2023.

The future of the third season of Invisible City is unclear at this time. However, given the program’s originality and appeal, it’s not out of the question that Netflix might give the show the go-ahead. However the second season was just 5 chapters lengthy and didn’t get as much attention as was hoped, the conclusion was satisfying, with most of the important narrative lines tied together, although rather hastily.

Invisible City Story

Detective Eric (Marco Pigossi) of the Environmental Police gets entangled in a murder case after discovering a dead freshwater pink dolphin on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, and in the process, he uncovers a universe inhabited by legendary beings that often go unobserved by humans. Gabriela (Julia Konrad) and his own deaths are both strange, and his investigation into both leads him to a group of supernatural beings.

He discovers that the river dolphin spirit Manaus (Victor Sparapane), whose body he discovered at the beginning of the narrative, was really his father and that he, too, is a hybrid being. Eric and his new friends find out that Luna (Manu Dieguez), the daughter of an anti-environmentalist villain named Dry Body, has been possessed by the ghost of the latter.

Since Dry Body feels guilty for Gabriela’s death, it has taken it out on forest beings as an act of vengeance. Dry Body moves from Luna to Eric in search of a more powerful host in order to continue his murderous rampage. Before the terrible spirit can harm anybody else, however, Eric sacrifices himself by killing Dry Body. It is hinted that Eric has been reincarnated as a complete entity when he is revived in the last scene and carried into the forest by the other beings.

Invisible City Cast

  • Marco Pigossi as Eric
  • Alessandra Negrini as Inês / Cuca
  • Fábio Lago as Iberê / Curupira
  • Jimmy London as Tutu / Tapire-iauara
  • Wesley Guimarães as Isac / Saci
  • Jessica Córes as Camila / Iara
  • Thaia Perez as Januária
  • Manu Dieguez as Luna
  • Áurea Maranhão as Márcia
  • Julia Konrad as Gabriela
  • José Dumont as Ciço
  • Tomás de França as Bento
  • Letícia Spiller as Matinta Pereira
  • Victor Sparapane as Manaus / Pink Dolphin
  • Rafael Sieg as Ivo
  • Rubens Caribé as Afonso
  • Tainá Medina as Fabiana
  • Samuel de Assis as João
  • Eduardo Chagas as Antunes / Dry Body:
  • Kauã Rodriguez as Baqueta

Invisible City Season 2 Recap

The second season of “Invisible City” takes place years after the first. Luna and Ines are on a frantic search for missing Eric. In particular, their investigation takes them to the fringes of Marangatu in the mysterious Amazon. While there, Luna strikes a bargain with the witch Matinta that brings Eric back with conditions.

Simultaneously, the hardworking Castro and Debora have built a successful clandestine mining enterprise. They will do whatever to gain entry to the holy city and steal its treasure. However, Debora stands out from the crowd thanks to special abilities.

Invisible City Season 3 Plot

Due to Netflix’s lack of approval, almost little is known about Season 3. As Debora watches after the woodland in her new role as forest guardian, Luna takes the first steps for a new chapter in her life if this is restored.

Invisible City Season 3 Trailer

Do you want to know when the Invisible City Season 3 trailer will be released? There is yet no official teaser for Season 3 of the program. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer if you want to see the trailer.

Where to watch Invisible City?

Do you plan on tuning in? Go to Netflix if you can’t wait to see The Invisible City. Netflix represents the population of streaming services that make it possible to see “invisible cities.”

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