Ip Man 4 is the first film in the saga starring Donnie Yen to show Bruce Lee

The film saga of Ip Man began in 2008 with the first and successful chapter directed by Wilson Yip and starring the legendary Donnie Yen in the title role of the project, that of the teacher of Wing Chun also Bruce Lee’s teacher, and to see his best cadet in action we had to wait 10 years.

In fact, released in Chinese cinemas in 2019, Ip Man 4, always directed by Yip, was the first chapter of the saga to show Bruce Lee and his martial skills on screen, played for the occasion by actor Danny Chan Kwok-kwan, very similar to the real counterpart.

Here is the official synopsis of the fourth chapter:

The life of the master Ip remained almost unchanged after the death of his wife, but slowly the father-son relationship wore out. Hoping for a better future for his children, Ip Man decides to fly to the United States, where he will soon discover that the dream of a quiet and stable life is just a mirage. Overwhelmed by intrigues and lies, he will find a deep-rooted discrimination, far from what he expected. Ip Man will question his own position and even the reasons that brought him to martial arts many years ago. “

If you are interested, Ip Man 4 diretto da Wilson Yip will air this evening, April 30, 2021, at 21:20 on Rai4.

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