Geneva, AFP. Anti-headscarf campaigner Shajarizadeh once believed in Iran's ability to change, but is now so desperate that he is calling for a boycott of Friday's parliamentary elections in the Islamic Republic. Sharizadeh became dissatisfied in 2018 when he was arrested in public for repeatedly removing his headscarf and waving at the end of a stick.

The 44-year-old women's rights campaigner, an annual conference for human rights activists, told the media in Geneva that the Iranian people had lost their hopes. I was among those who had some expectations. But, now it is like choosing between bad and bad. Sharizadeh said that the political choice considered in Iran between reformist and conservative politicians was like choosing between a single face. Thousands of reformist and liberal candidates are preventing them from contesting elections in any case.

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Some critics say that the vote can be turned into an election between conservatives and ultra-conservatives. The Iranians have lost their hope. This was especially followed by a bloody crackdown on fuel-price protests. Sharjizadeh President Hassan says that Rohani, who was first elected in 2013 and then in 2017, was once seen as a potential force for change as a "so-called reformer". The anti-Islamic movement against Iran's Islamic dress code began when in December 2017, a woman, Vida Mohvedi, stood on a pillar box on Engelab Avenue in Tehran without a mandatory long coat.

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She said that young women are back on the streets. Sharjizadeh received an award for protecting women's rights in Iran, but she talks about herself as an ordinary man, whose life changed completely when she decided to join the protest.

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