Is it cannibal? Armie Hammer admits it in chat with a woman

The famous actor, Armie Hammer, recognized for his participation in “Call me by your name” with his role as Oliver, became a trend on social networks this weekend thanks to some screenshots that were shared in which according to revealed that it is cannibal.

That's right, according to the captures we could read that the actor sent him some supposed messages to an unknown woman confessing that he is a cannibal and proposing to practice some activities in this regard.

But the most shocking thing for internet users was that according to the account that published the images is that he took advantage of his fame to manipulate people to have relationships with them and in turn do his dark practices in which he drank his s @ ngre.

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It quickly became tenure and generated a large controversy Among the users, who analyzed the images trying to discover an error or something like that, as we know there are people who create this type of false conversations by editing them in such a way that they appear real.

The account in charge of publishing and generating the whole situation was @Houseofeffie, a somewhat suspicious account since it has only published 6 times, it has 25,000 followers and follows 1000 accounts, apart from the fact that it is not a verified account or dedicated to filtering this type of information.

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All this has generated great confusion among Internet users, who cannot believe what they are reading but at the same time they doubted and began to make their theories, being great entertainment for many.

In the conversations we were able to read the following: “Oh my God. That has made it so hard for me and it's confusing why. Imagine holding your heart in my hand and controlling when it beats. I am 100% cannibal. I want to eat you. It's scary to admit it. He had never admitted it ”, you can read in one of the captures.

In the second screenshot we read: "I need to drink your s @ ngre, I need your help as soon as possible, kitten, I am intense, I need your s @ ngre, I need you to feed me with it", which caused quite a great confusion among Internet users.

According to information from E! News, this Sunday the account said that the messages published were not written by Armie Hammer, but on Monday, January 11, he said that yes, someone had sent that message on his behalf, so the veracity of the matter is not known.

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Also E! News claims to have reached out to Armie Hammer's manager to clear up the rumors, but they haven't gotten any response so far, suspect, don't you think?

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At the moment, the actor continues to be silent in the face of the strong rumors and is on vacation in the Cayman Islands with his children Harper and Ford, who are 6 and 3 years old, in order.

Since October, Hammer said that he had not seen the children for a few months, as he is in the process of divorcing Elizabeth Chambers, after ten years of marriage, something that added data to Internet users to make their theories.

Just a few months after the rumor emerged that he was with Rumer Willis, the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, according to this they saw them walking through Los Angeles, United States, and they found themselves giving a lot of affection without fear of success.

At the moment the actor is preparing for a new role in The Offer, playing Al Ruddy, a miniseries that is related to the Godfather and that will surely be a success, unless the veracity of the messages is verified, there perhaps he could change the future for your role. The same would happen with his role in Muërte en el Nile, starring Gal Gadot.


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